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International Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID)

Fact Sheet

What is the ISO/IEC 7816-5 Numbering System?

The numbering system provides a means for an application and related services offered by a provider to identify if a given card contains the elements required by its application and related services. 

An application identifier (AID) is used to address an application in the card.

If your application is to be offered internationally, you need an international AID. This consists of a Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID), which identifies Application Providers offering international IC card applications, and is issued by the ISO/IEC 7816-5 Registration Authority (TDC Services A/S). This is followed by a Proprietary Application Identifier Extension (PIX) which enables the Application Provider to differentiate between the different international IC card applications offered.

Each Application Provider is only allowed one RID per ISO/IEC 7816-5. It is up to the Application Provider to use the PIX to identify its different applications. The attached document should also be read prior to submitting your application.

If your organization already has an Issuer Identification Number (IIN), issued according to ISO/IEC 7812, you may use this IIN instead of getting an RID per ISO/IEC 7816-5. In this case, your AID will consist of your IIN followed by ‘FF’ and a Proprietary Application Identifier Extension (PIX) as described above.

How can I obtain a copy of ISO/IEC 7816-5?

Electronic copies of ISO/IEC 7816-5 are available for sale from the eStandards Store.

How can I obtain the application form?

Application forms are contained in ISO/IEC 7816-5, Annex A and are also available here or upon request from ANSI's RID Registration Coordinator. Photocopies of this form are acceptable.

Is there an application fee?

There is a non-refundable, $500 application fee associated with processing this application. The fee should accompany the application. ANSI accepts the following as payment: check, money order, American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

Completed applications should be sent to the U.S Sponsoring Authority, ANSI, at the following address:

Jessica Carl
RID Registration Coordinator
American National Standards Institute
25 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Applications can be also be faxed to the following: 212.642.4888

Note: Applications cannot be processed without the accompanying fee. If the application is faxed and the organization wishes to pay by check, the Registration Coordinator will hold the application until such fee is received.

What if I have any other questions?

Contact ANSI’s Registration Coordinator,
Jessica Carl
at the above address or at:
Phone: 212.642.4903
Fax: 212.642.4888

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