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Appeals to Accredited Standards Developers

ANSI accredited standards developers are required to have written procedures that contain an identifiable, realistic and readily available appeals mechanism for the impartial handling of substantive and procedural complaints regarding any action or inaction.

Appeals to ANSI:
Board of Standards Review (BSR),
Executive Standards Council (ExSC)
ANSI Appeals Board (AB)

Appeal to the
Board of Standards Review (BSR)

Those who have concluded appeals at the standards developer level, are eligible to appeal the approval or disapproval of a candidate standard by ANSI's BSR. Individual notification is sent by ANSI staff to eligible participants based on the evidence submitted by the accredited standards developer. Appeals timeframes are very limited, and any filing must be in compliance with established deadlines, or one forfeits his/her right to appeal. In addition, the BSR does not hear appeals of purely technical issues.

Appeal to the
Executive Standards Council (ExSC)

The ExSC normally hears appeals regarding accreditation decisions and procedural compliance issues. For instance, a materially affected party who believes that an accredited standards developer is not following their accredited procedures correctly, and who has attempted to resolve this concern with the developer, may appeal the accreditation of that developer to the ExSC. This is normally considered a very serious action and results in a full appeals hearing before a panel of ExSC members.

Appeal to the
ANSI Appeals Board

The Appeals Board is the final level of appeal within ANSI. Most often appeals that reach the Appeals Board level have been adjudicated at both the standards developer level and by either the BSR or the ExSC.
Any questions concerning the appeals processes at ANSI may be directed to
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