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The ANSI ISO Council (AIC)

Terms of Reference
  • Consistent with policies and strategies decided by the IPC, the AIC will be responsible for developing ANSI positions and preparation of ANSI representatives to:
  • ISO General Assembly and ISO Council and its subgroups, including the ISO policy development committees DEVCO and COPOLCO (with decisions on COPOLCO matters based on recommendations/input from the CIC).
  • ISO/TMB on specific issues by exception at the request of ANSI staff or an AIC member.
  • Reports to the ANSI Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.
Examples of Initiatives Within the AIC’s Jurisdiction
  • ISO strategic planning and financial matters.
  • ANSI positions on member bodies to support for election to the ISO Council and ISO/TMB.

  AIC Operational Procedures

  AIC Documents

 AIC Membership

The members of the AIC possess strong personal knowledge of and are employed by ANSI members that have strong interests/participation in ISO standardization activities and related conformity assessment. These individuals, with support from others in their organizations as necessary, have the appropriate knowledge and experience to participate in decision making on ANSI positions related to a broad range of ISO policy issues, including but not limited to:

  • strategic planning visions and efforts;
  • finances;
  • support for developing countries.

Ideally, the AIC members represent a balance of interests from the four ANSI membership categories (industry, organizations, government and consumers), and a range of technical subject expertise.

AIC Meetings

For a schedule of upcoming meetings, click here.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes (BPVC) – 2010 Edition
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