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ANSI Network on Smart and Sustainable Cities (ANSSC)

ANSSC Overview

Launched in 2014, the ANSI Network on Smart and Sustainable Cities (ANSSC) serves as a one-stop shop where city authorities and others knowledgeable in urban infrastructure planning and sustainable development – who may have limited resources for active standards participation – can engage with ANSI, learn about work taking place in the formal standards process, and articulate their issues and needs. The network will provide standards practitioners a venue to hear these perspectives and describe how standardization can assist cities and local governments in addressing the challenges they face. Conversely, there are many resources and activities that have been developed outside of the formal standards process (such as rating systems, readiness guides, and best practices) that standards practitioners may not be aware of but that could potentially inform future standards and conformity assessment activities. The network dialogue will raise awareness of standardization initiatives, bring new participants into the process, and influence the direction of future standards development activity.

Initially, the network will convene via monthly web meetings featuring guest speakers with facilitated discussion and information sharing among all participants. Recordings and materials will be archived for those unable to attend. Other network benefits include a directory of standardization initiatives and related activities, a calendar of upcoming conferences, and a roster of network members.


The increase in urbanization, climate change impacts, and aging infrastructure, combined with the ready availability of new capabilities to use urban data, have given rise to a flurry of standardization activities at the national, regional, and international levels in relation to smart and sustainable cities. In 2012 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) launched technical committee 268 on Sustainable Development in Communities. In 2013 ISO, along with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee (JTC) 1 on Information technology, all convened strategic groups to assess current and needed standards for smart and sustainable cities. Regional and national standards bodies in Europe and Asia also have undertaken strategic initiatives to explore this area.

As the U.S. member of ISO and, via the U.S. National Committee, IEC, ANSI convened a meeting of its members in April 2013 [see related news item] and a follow-up workshop in November [see related news item and workshop report] to examine the role of standardization in achieving the promise of smart and sustainable cities. Of particular focus was the need for coordination, collaboration, and avoidance of duplication of effort among relevant standardization activities taking place internationally, as well as coordination of U.S. engagement in this work.

Participation / Registration

Participation in the ANSI Network on Smart and Sustainable Cities (ANSSC) is open to all interested parties. Nominal participation fees help to offset ANSI’s costs of administering the network. Membership in ANSI is not required to participate, but ANSI members pay a substantially discounted participation fee. If you are not already a member of ANSI, find out more about the benefits of ANSI membership.

Network participants will include representatives from industry, cities and local governments, organizations involved in urban infrastructure and sustainability, standards developing organizations, the federal government, and academia, providing a range of perspectives.

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Staff Contacts

General inquiries can be sent to

Jim McCabe
Senior Director, Standards Facilitation
E-mail:, 212.642.8921

Jessica Carl
Program Administrator, Standards Panels, 212.642.4903

Electric Vehicles Standards Panel
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