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Misuse of ANSI Marks


The ANSI ACCREDITED mark is a trusted symbol of quality in today’s marketplace.  Only ANSI-accredited conformity assessment bodies in good standing are permitted to use this accreditation mark.

Only by consistently demonstrating fulfillment of the rigorous requirements of accreditation standards, schemes, and programs via recurring assessments are ANSI-accredited conformity assessment bodies authorized to use this mark on certifications and promotional materials.

The organizations currently accredited by ANSI are listed in the accreditation program directories at , separate from those whose accreditations are noted as withdrawn for any reason.  Also on this website is the ANSI procedure governing the use of the accreditation mark ANSI-PR-027.

ANSI owns numerous trademark, service mark, and certification mark registrations; the ANSI ACCREDITED mark is only one of ANSI’s registered marks.  For example, independent and distinct from accreditation, ANSI allows its members in good standing—and only its members in good standing—to use this ANSI Member icon in accordance with ANSI’s policy.

PLEASE NOTE:  Use of the ANSI Member icon on an accreditation certificate is an improper use of the membership mark, jeopardizing membership status with ANSI

 More information about the acceptable use of ANSI marks can be found on the ANSI website.

ANSI investigates every reported misuse of any ANSI mark, and this may include legal action when warranted. Examples of misuses commonly reported include:

  • Any prohibited attestation of product conformity using a protected ANSI mark or “ANSI” brand
  • Use of the ANSI Member icon or ANSI logo to falsely suggest accreditation by ANSI

ANSI’s requests to cease and desist the improper use are typically met with compliance.  Unfortunately, some illegitimate usage persists despite reasonable legal efforts.  Accordingly, the instances of incorrect usage listed below are intended to provide information to further alleviate any confusion in the marketplace concerning misuse of the ANSI accreditation mark or other ANSI marks in a conformity assessment context.

2017 Accredited Certification Services, Pvt. Ltd. Improper use of ANSI logo on a certificate.
False certificate of ANSI Accreditation
Referred to legal authorities in India, Sept. 2017
2017 BMG QMS Improper use of ANSI membership logo on a certificate Membership terminated Apr. 15, 2017
Cease and Desist letter Apr. 25, 2017


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