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Surveillance and Reassessment

PUBLIC PROCEDURE CFP-PR-816 Issued: 2014-10-10, Revision: 0

References CFP-FR-804: Application for Accreditation under ANSI-CFP Accreditation Program for Certification Bodies Operating a Food Protection Manager Certification Program
CFP-PL-802: Manual of Operations: ANSI-CFP Accreditation Program For Certifiers Of Food Protection Managers
CFP-PR-815: Application and Initial Assessment Process
CFP-PR-822: Fees - Accreditation of Personnel Certification Programs Utilizing the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Standards
1.1The objective of this document is to establish the procedures for surveillance and reassessment of certification bodies (herein, CBs) under Conference for Food Protection: Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.
2.1CB: Certification Body.
2.2NCR: nonconformity.
3Continuing Accreditation (Surveillance)
3.1Continuing accreditation assessment activities (surveillance) shall commence 12 months after the date of initial accreditation, as indicated on the ANSI certificate of accreditation. The purpose of these activities shall be to:
a)determine that the program continues to operate in conformity with ANSI requirements and the requirements of Conference for Food Protection: Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs;
b)determine that the program continues to operate as described in the documentation governing the program;
c)determine if any major changes reported have affected the conformity of the program to Conference for Food Protection: Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs or ANSI requirements.
3.2Continuing accreditation activities shall include but not be limited to:
a)headquarters assessment of selected requirements (Conference for Food Protection: Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs) and/or satellite sites, if applicable;
b)other visits and assessments needed to confirm that the program is in conformance as set forth in the program documents approved by ANSI and in accordance with ANSI requirements;
c)assessments of the program functions to ensure that the systems and personnel operations continue to be in conformity with the program document(s) approved by ANSI;
d)submission of an annual surveillance self-report as determined by the ANSI-CFP Accreditation Committee (herein, ACAC).
3.3The CB shall submit an annual surveillance self-assessment report on a date to be determined by ANSI staff but prior to the initial anniversary accreditation date.
3.3.1Three months prior to the annual surveillance, ANSI staff shall send the required annual surveillance self-assessment report and a reminder to the CB regarding the due date for the submission of their report. The CB must return a completed surveillance report by the due date. The CB can request an extension that is subject to approval by the ANSI Program Director.
3.3.2The surveillance self-report shall be submitted to ANSI in three hard copies or electronically. ANSI staff shall review the report for completeness and if necessary, request clarification from the CB.
3.3.3After staff review, the copies of the report are forwarded to the two selected assessors for their document review.
3.3.4The CB shall have the opportunity to approve or reject the assessment team based on the conflict of interest, similar to the initial assessment process described in CFP-PR-815.
3.3.5Failure to submit a complete annual surveillance self-assessment report may result in ANSI administrative action(s) and/or the ACAC accreditation action(s), including withdrawal of accreditation.
3.4If additional materials are needed to determine if a requirement is met, the same timelines and consequences regarding the submission of materials as listed in CFP-PR-815 shall apply.
3.5During the first and third year after the year in which the CB was accredited or reaccredited, ANSI surveillance onsite assessment shall be conducted in addition to document review. During other years, surveillance shall be limited to document review unless ANSI determines that an unscheduled onsite assessment is necessary in order to ascertain compliance of the accredited CB with the ANSI and Conference for Food Protection: Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs requirements.
3.6The assessors shall submit a surveillance report to ANSI. This report shall be reviewed for accuracy using a review similar to the initial assessment process. The report shall include statements on compliance of the CB with each clause of the standard as well as all identified nonconformities (herein, NCRs).
3.7Surveillance report, including the implemented corrective actions or the proposed plan for their implementation by the accredited CB is reviewed by the ACAC which makes decision in accordance with CFP-PR-819 and CFP-PL-802.
3.8ANSI staff shall notify the accredited CB of the ACAC decision in writing.
4.1The accredited CB shall undergo full reassessment every five years, upon expiry of its accreditation.
4.2The reassessment process follows the application and initial assessment process almost entirely with the following exceptions:
a)no preliminary application stage is required;
b)no application fee is due.
c)assessment team shall consider the data from previous years in making their assessment decisions;
d)if an accredited CB is issued NCRs during the reassessment and does not properly close them by the five year anniversary date of accreditation, ACAC may vote to extend the validity date of accreditation for a CB for a limited period of time pending the satisfactory closure of the NCRs.