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New Policy Regarding Client Eligibility for Witness Assessments and Clarifications Regarding TCR and CCAR Scope of Accreditation

PUBLIC NOTICE GHG-NT-701 Issued: 2009-10-7, Revision: 0

1.1The objective of this notice is to provide clarification to the pilot VVBs regarding witness assessments conducted for TCR and CCAR.
3Effective Date
September 2, 2008
4.1In response to numerous questions, The Climate Registry (TCR) and California Climate Action Registry (CCAR) wish to clarify that Pilot Participants may partner with the following three types of organizations to complete their ANSI witness assessments to demonstrate competence in general greenhouse gas inventory verification activities:
a)TCR Reporters wishing to verify their 2007 emissions data;
b)CCAR Members wishing to verify 2007 emissions data. Please note that if a Verification Body uses a CCAR Member to complete the witness assessment for ANSI Accreditation, the Verification Body will need to demonstrate their knowledge of TCR requirements in addition to CCAR’s General Verification Protocol and ISO 14065 and ISO 14064-3. Please refer to the attached matrix of CCAR/TCR program elements.
c)An entity that has produced an emissions inventory of AT LEAST SIX MONTHS OF DATA, consistent with the requirements of TCR’s General Reporting Protocol. In this instance (where an entity is not a TCR Reporter), the entity must produce the equivalent of a TCR Emission Report for the six month period in an Excel spreadsheet, since the entity will not have access to the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS). This scenario is solely permitted to allow a Verification Body to demonstrate their competency to assess a GHG emissions inventory to ANSI for the pilot phase (and for an Entity to “practice” reporting and verifying their emissions).
4.2CCAR wishes to clarify that Pilot Participants must respect the following to complete their ANSI witness assessments to demonstrate competence in general, sector-specific, and project greenhouse gas inventory verification activities:
a)for verification bodies seeking to be accredited for complex scopes of emissions inventories (Power Utilities, Oil and Gas, Forestry, etc.) a witness assessment of that specific sector is REQUIRED. Additionally, if verification bodies are seeking to be accredited for emissions reduction projects under CCAR, they must be witnessed by ANSI for that specific sector (Landfill, Livestock, Forestry, etc.) and also adhere to CCAR’s additional requirements.
b)for entity verification activities, verification bodies are not required, but are strongly encouraged to participate in verifier training provided by or endorsed by the California Climate Action Registry.
c)for project verification activities, verification bodies are REQUIRED to participate in verifier training provided by or endorsed by the California Climate Action Registry.
4.3Conflict of Interest Assessment and Witness Assessment Request Clarifications
Consistent with TCR’s and CCAR’s General Reporting Protocol, Verification Bodies must complete and submit a Case-Specific Conflict Of Interest (COI) Assessment Form to TCR ( or CCAR ( AND must receive approval from TCR or CCAR before ANSI will review the proposed witness activity. The COI Assessment Form can be found on the Registry’s website: or
Note: To demonstrate knowledge of TCR’s verification process, Verification Bodies must submit this form to TCR even if they are conducting verification activities for a CCAR Member, not a TCR Reporter. (They must also adhere to the CCAR’s verification process requirements.)
Note: Any verification services completed for an entity who is not a TCR Reporter and/or for a time period less than 12 months, will not be submitted to, nor accepted by TCR.
The Verification Body must provide ANSI with a completed witness assessment form (ANSI-ACP-FR-040-GHG). All proposed witness assessments are subject to review and approval by ANSI. Information related to the proposed activity such as validation and/or verification plan, sampling plan, scope and methodology and other requirements as defined in ISO 14065 as well as the applicable GHG program shall be provided to ANSI in advance of the witness assessment.
4.4Technical Scope Clarifications
Verification Bodies applying for TCR will be assessed against the General Verification Protocol, version 1.0, TCR Guidance on Accreditation, ISO 14065, ISO 14064-3 and the IAF Mandatory Document for the Application of ISO 14065. The scope of accreditation will be for verification of general GHG inventories only. TCR does not currently offer accreditation for industry-specific competences. In the future, as TCR releases industryspecific protocols, verification bodies will have the choice of applying for a scope expansion to achieve accreditation for these industry sectors.
Questions regarding this policy update can be directed to Ann Bowles, Manager, ANSI GHG Program, 202-331-3620,

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