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ANSI Oversight of Accredited VBs Performing Verifications in the Province of Quebec

PUBLIC NOTICE GHG-NT-710 Issued: 2013-3-13, Revision: 0

1.1The objective of this notice is to inform ANSI accredited verification bodies (VBs) of ANSI requirements for notification of all planned verifications to be performed in Quebec and also to notify ANSI accredited VBs that all such verifications will be subject to witness or desk review.
3Effective Date
3.1March 13, 2013
4.1.1ANSI has received communication from the Carbon Market Division of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment regarding accredited verification of 2012 emission reports from regulated entities. This notification calls on ANSI to conduct periodic evaluations of the verifications occurring under the regulation. As such, ANSI accredited VBs shall provide advanced notification to ANSI for all verifications for which they are currently under contract to perform in Quebec and for all planned verifications to occur in this first verification cycle. ANSI may select such verifications for ANSI witness assessment or for a remote desk review. ANSI also has the authority to conduct desk reviews of completed verifications during regularly scheduled surveillance assessments or in response to complaints received from the Quebec Carbon Market Division of Quebec.
4.2.1ANSI accredited VBs shall notify Ann Bowles at of all planned verifications visits and shall include the following information:
a)date of the planned facility visit;
b)brief summary of facility to be verified (including sector scope);
c)the estimated person hours required to complete the verification as agreed to with the reporter;
d)the total quantity of the emitter’s CO2 equivalent emissions for the report year.