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Transitional provisions for implementation of ISO 14065:2013 and IAF MD 6:2014

PUBLIC NOTICE GHG-NT-711 Issued: 2014-6-13, Revision: 0

References IAF MD 6:2014, Application of ISO 14065:2013
ISO 14064-3:2006, Greenhouse gases - Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions
ISO 14065:2013, Greenhouse gases - Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
ISO 14066:2011, Greenhouse gases - Competence requirements for greenhouse gas validation teams and verification teams
1.1The objective of this notice is to provide notice of the required implementation period for the second edition of ISO 14065:2013 as well as the second edition of IAF MD 6:2014. It includes requirements for the timing of the transition and sanctions to be applied to validation and verification bodies that do not meet the requirements by the deadlines.
2.1This notice shall apply to all accredited and applicant validation/verification bodies (V/VBs) seeking accreditation by ANSI for the provision of greenhouse gas validation and verification.
3.1ISO 14065 underwent minor revision and a second edition was published by ISO on April 1, 2013. IAF MD 6 subsequently underwent revision and was published by IAF on March 23, 2014. ISO 14065 contains requirements for the competence, consistent operation and impartiality of greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies. IAF MD 6 provides additional application guidance to enable harmonization by IAF members for the assessment of V/VBs against ISO 14065, ISO 14064-3, and ISO 14066.
4.1The ANSI Greenhouse Gas Validation/Verification Accreditation Committee (GVAC) adopted ISO 14065 as the requirement of choice for accreditation criteria as applied to greenhouse gas validation and verification programs. ANSI is required to evaluate the operations and planning of accredited validation and verification bodies to ensure that full implementation of the ISO 14065 standard will be in effect in accordance with this policy.
4.2ANSI has decided to implement a transition period of six months from date of issuance of this ANSI Notice. As such, all ANSI accredited V/VBs shall conform to the requirements of ISO 14065:2013 and IAF MD 6:2014 as of December 15, 2014. Failure to do so may result in suspension.
5Implementation of the Transition
a)Option 1: Applicant and Accredited V/VBs may be assessed in accordance with ISO 14065:2013 and IAF MD 6:2014 beginning on June 16, 2014.
b)Option 2: Applicant and Accredited V/VBs who do not undergo assessment against ISO 14065:2013 and IAF MD 6:2014 before December 15, 2014 shall submit a implementation plan using the form provided (GHG-FR-710) on or before December 15, 2014.
5.2ANSI shall not accept applications for accreditation to ISO 14065:2007 and IAF MD 6:2009 after December 15, 2014.
5.3ANSI shall issue new accreditation certificates to V/VBs conforming to ISO 14065:2013 following the successful completion of either option 1 or 2 above if the following conditions are met:
a)the V/VB has paid all outstanding invoices in full, and
b)the V/VB has a signed copy of the current ANSI Agreement of Accreditation and Monitoring of Conformity Assessment Bodies on file with ANSI.

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