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Accreditation ID 1206
Organization TUV NORD CERT GmbH
Langemarckstrasse 20, D-45141 Essen, Germany
Letter Code TUVNORD
Accreditation Certificate  OLGAIASB

Key Locations

Bulgaria Naiden Gerov Str. 13 Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
Croatia Savska 41 Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
Czech Republic Harfa Office Park Ceskomoravska 2420/15PRAHA 9 LIBEN, 19000, Czech Republic
Greece (Athens) 282 Mesogeion Av. CholargosATHENS, 155 62, Greece
Headquarters Langemarckstrasse 20 D-45141 EssenGermany
India (Mumbai) 801, Raheja Plaza I L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (West)MUMBAI, 400 086, India
Iran Apt. 4, 6th floor Firoozeh Building No. 22, Firoozeh St.North Sohrevardi St.Tehran, 15538, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Salem, NH 215 Main Street Unit 3Salem, NH 03079, United States
Saudi Arabia Post Box # 3998 First Floor Office # 101-103 Jarir PlazaDammam, 31481, Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Office No. 1, MEZZAINE Floor, Danat Tower A, Airport Road P.O. BOX 46030Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Accredited Scopes

01.040 Vocabularies
01.060 Quantities and units
03.020 Sociology. Demography
03.040 Labour. Employment
03.060 Finances. Banking. Monetary systems. Insurance
13.020 Environmental protection
13.020.01 Environment and environmental protection in general
13.020.10 Environmental management
13.020.20 Environmental economics
13.020.30 Environmental impact assessment
13.020.40 Pollution, pollution control and conservation
13.020.50 Ecolabelling
13.020.99 Other standards related to environmental protection
13.030 Wastes
13.030.40 Installations and equipment for waste disposal and treatment
13.030.50 Recycling
13.030.99 Other standards related to wastes
13.060 Water quality
13.060.01 Water quality in general
13.060.10 Water of natural resources
13.060.20 Drinking water
13.060.25 Water for industrial use
13.060.30 Sewage water
13.100 Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene
13.110 Safety of machinery
13.120 Domestic safety
13.140 Noise with respect to human beings
13.160 Vibration and shock with respect to human beings
13.340 Protective equipment
13.340.10 Protective clothing
13.340.20 Head protective equipment
13.340.30 Respiratory protective devices
13.340.40 Hand and arm protection
13.340.50 Leg and foot protection
13.340.60 Protection against falling and slipping
53.020 Lifting equipment
53.020.01 Lifting appliances in general
53.040 Continuous handling equipment
53.040.01 Continuous handling equipment in general
53.040.10 Conveyors
53.040.20 Components for conveyors
53.040.30 Pneumatic transport and its components
53.040.99 Other continuous handling equipment
55.020 Packaging and distribution of goods in general
55.040 Packaging materials and accessories
55.080 Sacks. Bags
55.100 Bottles. Pots. Jars
55.120 Cans. Tins. Tubes
55.130 Aerosol containers
55.140 Barrels. Drums. Canisters
55.160 Cases. Boxes. Crates
55.200 Packaging machinery
55.220 Storing. Warehousing
55.230 Distribution and vending machines
55.180 Freight distribution of goods
55.180.01 Freight distribution of goods in general
55.180.10 General purpose containers
55.180.20 General purpose pallets
55.180.30 Air mode containers, pallets and nets
55.180.40 Complete, filled transport packages
55.180.99 Other standards related to freight distribution of goods
65.020 Farming and forestry
65.020.01 Farming and forestry in general
65.020.20 Plant growing
65.020.30 Animal husbandry and breeding
65.020.40 Landscaping and silviculture
65.020.99 Other standards related to farming and forestry
65.040 Farm buildings, structures and installations
65.040.01 Farm buildings and installations in general
65.040.10 Livestock buildings, installations and equipment
65.040.20 Buildings and installations for processing and storage of agricultural produce
65.040.30 Greenhouses and other installations
65.040.99 Other standards related to farm buildings and installations
65.060 Agricultural machines, implements and equipment
65.060.01 Agricultural machines and equipment in general
65.060.10 Agricultural tractors and trailed vehicles
65.060.20 Soil-working equipment
65.060.25 Equipment for storage, preparation and distribution offertilizers
65.060.30 Sowing and planting equipment
65.060.35 Irrigation and drainage equipment
65.060.40 Plant care equipment
65.060.50 Harvesting equipment
65.060.60 Viticultural and wine-making equipment
65.060.70 Horticultural equipment
65.060.80 Forestry equipment
65.060.99 Other agricultural machines and equipment
65.080 Fertilizers
65.100 Pesticides and other agrochemicals
65.100.01 Pesticides and other agrochemicals in general
65.100.10 Insecticides
65.100.20 Herbicides
65.100.99 Other pesticides and agrochemicals
65.120 Animal feeding stuffs
65.140 Beekeeping
65.145 Hunting
65.150 Fishing and fish breeding
65.160 Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment
67.020 Processes in the food industry
67.040 Food products in general
67.050 General methods of tests and analysis for food products
67.080 Fruits. Vegetables
67.080.01 Fruits, vegetables and derived products in general
67.080.10 Fruits and derived products
67.080.20 Vegetables and derived products
67.100 Milk and milk products
67.100.01 Milk and milk products in general
67.100.10 Milk and processed milk products
67.100.20 Butter
67.100.30 Cheese
67.100.40 Ice cream and ice confectionery
67.100.99 Other milk products
67.120 Meat, meat products and other animal produce
67.120.01 Animal produce in general
67.120.10 Meat and meat products
67.120.20 Poultry and eggs
67.120.30 Fish and fishery products
67.120.99 Other animal produce
67.140 Tea. Coffee. Cocoa
67.140.10 Tea
67.140.20 Coffee and coffee substitutes
67.140.30 Cocoa
67.160 Beverages
67.160.01 Beverages in general
67.160.10 Alcoholic beverages
67.160.20 Non-alcoholic beverages
67.180 Sugar. Sugar products. Starch
67.180.10 Sugar and sugar products
67.180.20 Starch and derived products
67.190 Chocolate
67.200 Edible oils and fats. Oilseeds
67.200.10 Animal and vegetable fats and oils
67.200.20 Oilseeds
67.220 Spices and condiments. Food additives
67.220.10 Spices and condiments
67.220.20 Food additives
67.230 Prepackaged and prepared foods
97.020 Home economics in general
97.030 Domestic electrical appliances in general
97.040 Kitchen equipment
97.040.01 Kitchen equipment in general
97.040.10 Kitchen furniture
97.040.20 Cooking ranges, working tables, ovens and similar appliances
97.040.30 Domestic refrigerating appliances
97.040.40 Dishwashers
97.040.50 Small kitchen appliances
97.040.60 Cookware, cutlery and flatware
97.040.99 Other kitchen equipment
SQF Code 7.2 Edition, July 2014
Module 02: SQF System elements
Module 03: Animal Feed Safety Fundamentals GMP for Compound Feed Production
Module 04: Pet food Safety Fundamentals GMP for Processing of Pet Food Products
Module 09: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for pre-processing of animal products
Module 10: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for pre-processing of plant products
Module 11: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for processing of food products
Module 12: Food Safety Fundamentals GDP for transport and distribution of food Products
Module 13: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for production of food packaging
TUV NORD CERT Certification Scheme - HACCP Food Safety System Certification based on Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC/RPC 1-1969,

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