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Accreditation Staff

  Name Title Email Phone
Executive Hallenbeck, Lane Vice President for Accreditation Services 202.331.3612
Operations Calder, Katie Senior Director, Accreditation Services 202.331.3619
Lathern, Ivory Accreditation Services Coordinator 202.331.3621
Levit, Milana Lead, Financial Operations/Data Analysis 202.331.3636
Baylor-Love, Michelle Receptionist/Office Administrator 202.331.3603
Services/Ecolabeling –
Figueiredo, Reinaldo Senior Director Product/Process/Services Accreditation Programs 202.331.3611
Jackson, Nikki Director, Product Certification Accreditation 202.331.3623
Quan, Ross Senior Specialist, Product Certification Accreditation Program 202.331.3602
Moudiyne-Schweninger, Nora Specialist, Product Certification Accreditation Program 212.642.4906
Okutuga, Elizabeth Coordinator, Product Certification Accreditation Program 202.331.3627
Hinton, Erica Coordinator, Product Certification Accreditation Program 202.331.3604
Credentialing Krishna, Vijay Senior Director, Credentialing Programs 202.331.3614
Ayvaz, Turan Director, Certificate Accreditation 202.331.3635
Nash, Eveyln Coordinator, Credentialing Programs 202.331.3638
Cutbush, Calli Coordinator, Certificate Accreditation 202.331.3628
Greenhouse Gas Howard, Ann Director, Environmental Accreditation Programs 202.331.3620
Mariscal, Phillip Senior Coordinator, Environmental Accreditation Programs 202.331.3637
Standards (PSA) Caldas, Anne Senior Director, Procedures & Standards Administration 212.642.4914
Moskowitz, Jay Director, SDO Audit Program 212-642-8925
Thompson, Jim Director, Standards Developer & ISO/TAG Accreditation Programs 212.642.4913
Benko, Heather Senior Manager, PSA & Nanotechnology Programs 212-642-4912
Weldon, Mary Senior FileMaker Developer 212.642.4908
Gonzalez, Elizabeth Standards Administrator 212.642.8912
Banks, Charlene Procedures and Standards Administration & Audit Coordinator 212.642.4978

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