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ANSI-CFP Accreditation Workshop


The Conference for Food Protection is an independent, voluntary, non-profit organization that has identified the essential components of a nationally recognized Food Protection Manager Certification Program. On June 17, 2002 ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection entered into a cooperative agreement to accredit organizations involved in the certification of food protection managers. ANSI-CFP accreditation ensures that credential holders with an accredited food protection manager certification have undergone a valid assessment and have the necessary competencies to ensure safety in food establishments.


Whether your organization is pursuing ANSI-CFP accreditation, already accredited, or just curious about the process the workshop is a valuable tool for understanding the increasing acceptance of this nationally recognized standard. Accreditation by a fair, impartial, and globally recognized third party provides assurance that your Food Protection Manager Certification Program is engaged in a continuous review and improvement of its quality, that it meets rigorous standards, and that it is accountable for achieving what it sets out to do.

What You Will Learn

Through presentations, small group discussions and exercises, you will:

  • Analyze each of the requirements in CFP Certification Standard: 2018.
  • Understand what ANSI expects organizations to provide as demonstration of compliance to each of the requirements.
  • Understand key differences in pursuing accreditation through CFP standard or ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 and determine the best path for your organization.
  • Psychometrics 101
  • Understand the ANSI accreditation process.
  • Gain insights into on how to successfully navigate the application process for ANSI accreditation.
  • Develop self-assessment skills to conduct a gap analysis for your organization - identify areas of improvement and form an action plan.
  • Discuss best practices and mistakes made by certification programs in program design and implementation as well as tips for how to control costs while maintaining quality.

Who should attend

  • Personnel from existing accredited organization who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the accreditation requirements under the Conference for Food Protection.
  • Organizations that are considering developing a Food Manager Certification Program.
  • Organizations that support Food Protection Manager Certification programs through testing, marketing, IT, and other services
  • Personnel from industry, education, and regulatory authorities who want to understand the CFP standard.

2019 ANSI-CFP Accreditation Workshop Schedule

May 29-30, 9:00am-5:00pm

ANSI Headquarters, Washington, DC
$795 Member; $895 Non-Member

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Additional Information

For more information about this workshop, please contact

Evelyn Nash
Program Coordinator, Personnel Credentialing Accreditation Programs
Phone: 202.331.3638

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