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Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC)

Conformity Assessment Policy Committee Overview

The ANSI Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) originated from the ANSI governance restructuring effort in 2002 to enhance the effectiveness of ANSI policy committees and delegate policymaking authority. In view of ANSI’s commitment to conformity assessment principles and the need for high level policymaking authority in the field of conformity assessment, the ANSI Board of Directors approved the creation of the CAPC.

In accordance with the CAPC terms of reference (April 2005 revision), the responsibilities of the CAPC include:

Development of ANSI strategic directions and policies related to:

  • International and regional conformity assessment;
  • ANSI accreditation programs for certification bodies
  • Management of relationships with conformity assessment organizations, especially ISO CASCO, regional organizations (e.g., PAC, IAAC), national accreditors, and others except as delegated by the ANSI Board of Directors to another body;
  • Resolution of conflicting positions on conformity assessment issues of common concern;
  • Oversight of relevant subordinate ANSI conformity assessment committees (i.e., ICAC, ACC, PCAC);
  • Reporting to the ANSI Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.
  • In addition to its policymaking role in conformity assessment, the CAPC also operates as a complementary body to the ANSI International Policy Committee (IPC) and the National Policy Committee (NPC).

As noted in the revised terms of reference, the CAPC holds oversight authority over relevant operating ANSI conformity assessment committees.

Members and Officers

CAPC membership represents a balance of interests from the four ANSI membership categories (industry, organizations, government and consumers) and a range of technical subject expertise. Members on the CAPC have a broad personal knowledge of the field of conformity assessment with a strong interest in its international impact.

The active voting members of CAPC shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board with the approval of the Executive Committee. In making these appointments, the Chairman of the Board shall endeavor to ensure balanced representation of all membership groups concerned with conformity assessment policymaking activities. Voting members will be approximately 30 persons.

Membership in ANSI shall be a prerequisite for participation in the CAPC unless the Executive Committee specifically permits an interested party to participate in any such committee or council without becoming a member of ANSI.

Committee Officers:

CAPC Chair
Richard W. Church
Pipe & Fittings Association

ANSI Staff
Lane Hallenbeck

 Member Roster

Operating Guidelines and Procedures

 For specific information regarding CAPC operation, please see CAPC TOR 05-018

Staff Contacts

Lane Hallenbeck
Vice President - Accreditation Services
Tel: 202 331 3612
Fax: 202 293 9287

Elizabeth Gonzalez
Standards Administrator
Tel: 212 642 8912
Fax: 212 398 0023

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