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International Conformity Assessment Committee (ICAC™)

ICAC™ Overview

The International Conformity Assessment Committee (ICAC™) is the U.S. mirror committee to the ISO Conformity Assessment Committee (ISO CASCO). ISO CASCO writes standards and guides for the effective operation of conformity assessment bodies and activities. ISO CASCO also provides policy guidance to the ISO Council on conformity assessment matters.

Operating under the oversight of the ANSI Conformity Assessment Policy Committee, the ICAC develops responses to ISO CASCO ballots and requests for comments; appoints ANSI “experts” to ISO CASCO Working Groups; develops positions on ISO CASCO procedural and policy matters; and coordinates participation at annual ISO CASCO plenary meetings and other ISO CASCO activities.

In addition, the ICAC supports the ANSI Accreditation Programs’ participation in the International Accreditation Forum, the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation and the InterAmerican Accreditation Cooperation through responses to selected ballots and requests for comments.

At the request of the Conformity Assessment Policy Committee, or other ANSI committees or groups (including the ANAB), the ICAC will address other conformity assessment issues and developments outside the United States.

Through all its activities, the ICAC provides the primary means within ANSI to contribute to, and influence, international and regional conformity assessment standards, guidance and related documents: the foundation for global conformity assessment solutions.

Members and Officers

Each member of ANSI may seek membership on the International Conformity Assessment Committee. Requests for membership may be directed via the ANSI Vice President for Accreditation Services to the Chair of the Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) for confirmation. Per the ICAC Operating Guidelines, ICAC members (or their designated alternates) are required to review ballots and requests for comments and provide input to ICAC responses, as well participate in ICAC meetings. ICAC voting members who miss two consecutive meetings or three consecutive ballots will be moved to the status of observers (with no voting rights), and will be informed of the change in status by the ICAC secretary. Requests for reinstatement of voting rights shall be submitted in writing (including e-mail) to the CAPC chair with a copy to the ICAC chair.

Committee Officers:

ICAC Chair
Keith Mowry


The International Conformity Assessment Committee meets two times per year. The Fall meeting is focused on discussion and preparation of positions on matters to be covered at the ISO CASCO plenary. This meeting is scheduled between the release date of CASCO plenary documents (usually late September or early October) and the CASCO plenary itself (usually early November). Usually the Fall meeting is scheduled within two weeks of the CASCO plenary to allow maximum time for ICAC members to review the large amount of information related to the ISO CASCO plenary meeting.

The Spring meeting is focused on all other matters of the ICAC including review of procedures and processes, and matters related to organizations other than ISO CASCO.

The ICAC uses teleconferences as a key part of its process for developing responses to individual ballots or requests for comments. Members are notified of these teleconferences as far in advance as possible. These teleconferences are scheduled to meet the deadlines for response by the ICAC to the involved external organization and are open to all ICAC members.

Document Library

The International Conformity Assessment Document Library includes information on ballots, requests for comments and ICAC responses beginning in 2003. Some responses developed by ICAC relate to documents under specific Copyright protections.

Access to these documents is restricted to ICAC members only. You must obtain your ANSI username and password from the ANSI Membership Department to access the ICAC document library.

 More information about document access.

 Access the ICAC Document Library.

Staff Contacts

Lane Hallenbeck
Vice President - Accreditation Services
Tel: 202.331.3612
Fax: 202.293.9287

Nora Moudiyne-Schweninger
ICAC Secretary,  Accreditation Specialist
Tel: 212.642.4960
Fax: 212.398.0023

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