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Patent Group

The ANSI Patent Group Standing Committee is an open forum for ANSI members to review issues relating to the incorporation of proprietary intellectual property in standards in numerous forums.

Patent Group Overview

The ANSI Patent Group is responsible for developing Institute requirements and procedures in the areas of embedded intellectual property rights. It is also primarily responsible for drafting the revised “Patent Policy” for incorporation into the ANSI Essential Requirements and for formulating the Guidelines that help explain and illustrate the important and often complex policy considerations relating to these documents. The ISO and IEC Patent Policy and other patent policies will be reviewed as needed.

The Patent Group will make policy recommendations to the ANSI IPRPC.

Members and Officers

The Patent Groupis made up of members of ANSI.

Patent Group Chair

Mr. Earl Nied
Program Dir. of SIGS and Standards Legal Department, Intel Corporation

Organizational Structure

The Patent Group is a standing committee of the ANSI Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee (IPRPC). Membership in the American National Standards Institute shall be a pre-requisite for participation on the ANSI Patent Group.

Meeting Calendar

The group meets formally once a year, unless an issue or topic requires additional face-to-face dialogue. To supplement the meetings, group members receive regular updates and information from ANSI’s General Counsel.

Document Library

The ANSI Patent Group Document Library contains information available only to registered Patent Group members. You must obtain your ANSI username and password from the ANSI Membership Department to access the Patent Group document library. For more information about document access, click here.

To access the Patent Group Document Library click here.

Membership in ANSI

If not already a member of ANSI, please follow these links to:

Staff Contacts

Patricia A. Griffin
ANSI Vice President and General Counsel
Tel: 212.642.4954
Fax: 212.398.0023

Sara Desautels
Program Manager
Tel: 212.642.4937
Fax: 212.840.2298

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