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Applying for Accreditation of a Certification Body that certifies Food Protection Managers*

* Food Protection Manager – a person who has demonstrated by means of a food safety certification examination to a certifying organization that he/she has the knowledge, skills and abilities required to protect the public from food borne illness.

All personnel certification bodies will be eligible for the accreditation if they meet the three basic requirements of:

  • Independence of the certification program
  • Proof of being a legal entity or part of a legal entity
  • Published defined scope of certification for certifying persons

In order to receive an application, a letter signed by an approving authority for your certification body must be submitted to the American National Standards Institute at the following address:

Vijay Krishna, Ed.D.
Director, Personnel Certification Accreditation Programs
Phone: 202.331.3614

This letter must address and provide documentation that the certification body meets the three above criteria. Within 5 working days of the receipt of a request to enter the accreditation process, a written response will be sent to the request certification body regarding their eligibility.

If the certification body is found to be eligible, they will be sent the application and instructions for completing and submitting the application. The certification body will be referred to addition documents on the web site regarding the policy, procedures and operations of the ANSI-CFP accreditation program that will guide them in the accreditation process.

If ANSI staff in consultation with the Chair, ANSI-CFP Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee (ACAC) and an ACAC committee member determine the certification body does not meet the basic eligibility requirements for entering the application process, the applicant will receive a letter describing what additional documentation is needed and/or which of the three basic requirements have not been met.

If the certification body disagrees with the decision, they can ask for re-consideration of the decision. This request will be considered by ACAC committee members who have not been involved in the initial decision.