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ANSI Process to Assess Competency for GHG Programs and Industry Sectors for the GHG Pilot Program

PUBLIC NOTICE GHG-NT-702 Issued: 2009-10-7, Revision: 0

References ISO 14064-3:2006, Greenhouse gases - Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions
ISO 14065:2007, Greenhouse gases - Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
1.1Objective of this notice is to provide clarification related to the GHG pilot program.
3Effective Date
October 7, 2008
4.1Clarification on ANSI Witness Requirements
ANSI shall conduct one witness assessment for each GHG Program (i.e. VCS, TCR/CCAR, CCX) that the Validation/Verification Body (V/VB) applies for. For the CCAR and TCR programs, a witness assessment conducted for a CCAR reporter will be acceptable for the purpose of gaining accreditation for TCR; however, the VVB must demonstrate knowledge of TCR-specific requirements.
4.1.1ANSI Witness Assessment Requirements for Inventory Verification
Verification bodies must indicate if they wish to apply for accreditation for sector-specific protocol(s) in addition to the General Verification Protocol ( If sector-specific protocols are to be included in the scope of accreditation, ANSI will review the need to conduct a witness assessment for more complex sector-specific protocols (i.e. CCAR’s Power Utility, Forest, Cement, and Local Government protocols) on a case-by-case basis. It should be noted that, as stated in ANSI’s Policy Announcement dated September 2, 2008, the scope of accreditation for TCR is limited to general GHG inventories at this time.
4.1.2Witness Assessment Requirements for Project Validation/Verification
For VVBs applying for accreditation for project validation/verification, applicants shall indicate the specific GHG Program (i.e. VCS, CCAR, CCX) and also the specific industry-sectors relevant to the programs for which they apply. Witness assessments will be required for each specific GHG Program. As with entity-level verification, the witness assessment(s) for project verification will be determined by ANSI taking into consideration the complexity of the project(s). Additionally, the VVB must demonstrate knowledge of GHG program-specific and industry-specific sector requirements.
4.2Assessment for Competency for Validation/Verification Bodies with Previous Experience with Entity-level and Project-level Verification/Validation
If the VVB demonstrates and provides evidence of previous validation/verification activities and has the appropriate polices, procedures and personnel to carry out validation/verification for a specific GHG Program and industry sector, ANSI shall review competence for additional industry-sectors by completing a desktop assessment of the other industry-specific sectors for which the VVB has applied.
4.2.1The following evidence shall be reviewed by ANSI in order to determine if the scope of accreditation can be extended to include the additional industry sectors:
a)demonstration of appropriate resources and competence to support the Validation/Verification activities for a specific GHG Program and relevant industry sector;
b)evidence of previous Validation/Verification activities in that sector;
c)demonstrates conformance to ISO 14064-3, IAF Mandatory Document for the Application of ISO 14065 and applicable GHG Program requirements for that industry sector.
4.2.2The competence of the VVB personnel shall be assessed using the following approach:
a)interview of Lead Verifiers and Verifiers;
b)assessing the competence of VVB personnel on their skills and understanding as well as implementing the ISO 14065 and ISO 14064-3 and the relevant GHG Program requirements for which the VVB has applied. (i.e. Work plans, Validation/Verification reports, sampling plans, risk based assessments, etc.)
c)review of files to assess that the VVB conducted Validation and/or Verification of GHG assertions for the relevant GHG Program for which they have applied, and;
d)review of internal procedures.
4.3Timing for Pilot Schedule
Applicants should complete both onsite and witness assessments prior to November 15 in order to be considered for accreditation at the December ANSI Accreditation Committee meeting. If requirements cannot be met prior to November 15, the applicants will continue on in the process and will be considered for accreditation on a rolling basis.
For questions on this policy statement please contact Ann Bowles, GHG Program Manager at ANSI.

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