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Application for Extension of Accreditation Scope for Validation/Verification Body under ISO 14065

PUBLIC FORM GHG-FR-708 Issued: 2014-9-13, Revision: 2

Attachments  GHG-FR-708 - updated BC r.doc
References GHG-PR-706: ANSI GHG Validation and Verification Body Accreditation Scoping Policy
IAF MD 6:2014, Application of ISO 14065:2013
ISO 14064-3:2006, Greenhouse gases - Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions
ISO 14065:2013, Greenhouse gases - Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
ISO 14066:2011, Greenhouse gases - Competence requirements for greenhouse gas validation teams and verification teams
1.1This form is to be used by GHG verification/validation bodies to apply for extension of scope of their ANSI accreditation under ISO 14065.
3The Form
3.1The form is attached to this document.

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