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ANSI Accreditation for Food Safety

ANSI accreditation helps assure quality and safety of food products, systems, services, and personnel. Food safety scheme owners rely on ANSI accreditation to foster consumer confidence. And state and local governments rely upon ANSI accreditation to demonstrate the qualifications of food safety handlers.

Product Certification

In  accordance with ISO/IEC 17065, General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems, ANSI accredits certification bodies that operate a number of certification schemes dedicated to food safety, including:

ANSI’s product certification accreditation programs have been in place for over forty years and include activities under a number of food-related scopes. Currently, ANSI has 34 accredited product certification bodies among its food safety accreditations.

Certificate Issuers

Laws in California, Illinois, Arizona, West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, and Hawaii, and some local jurisdictions require food handlers within their limits to have a food-handling training certificate from an ANSI accredited certificate program, demonstrating compliance with ASTM E2659, Standard Practice for Certificate Programs, an American National Standard.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

ANSI is a recognized FSMA accreditation body in accordance with FDA’s final set of FSMA requirements. FSMA empowers the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to recognize accreditation bodies like ANSI to assess the competence of food safety certification bodies in accordance with the international standard, ISO/IEC 17065.

ANSI has also conducted a FSMA gap analysis program to gauge the readiness of ANSI-accredited certification bodies to meet the FDA’s requirements. ANSI submitted its final FSMA gap analysis report to the FDA in May 2017.

Personnel Certification

Twenty-six states have adopted food protection manager certification requirements, which ANSI accredits under the Conference for Food Protection’s Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.

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