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SCS Global Services

Accreditation ID 0821
Organization SCS Global Services
2000 Powell Street, Suite 600, Emeryville, CA, 94608, United States
Letter Code SCS
Accreditation Certificate  QAIFAHYB

Accredited Scopes

AFS - Australian Forestry Standards
Australian Forestry Standard Limited - AFS Logo Use Rules Manual 22nd October 2015 Issue 9
Australian Standard - Chain of custody for forest products - AS 4707:2014
Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Chain-of-Custody, Version 2.4, November 2015
BIFMA level Certification Program for ANSI/BIFMA e3-2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard
Federation Europeenne du Mobilier de Bureau (FEMB) Sustainability requirements for office and non-domestic furniture for indoor use - Edition 2017
GlobalG.A.P. General Regulations Integrated Farm Assurance: Option 1 - Individual Producer Certification
Crops Base: Combinable Crops
Crops Base: Fruit & Vegetables
Crops Base: Hops
GlobalG.A.P. General Regulations Integrated Farm Assurance: Option 2 - Producer Group Certification
Crops Base: Fruit & Vegetables
Indoor Air Quality: SCS Indoor Advantage, SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, and FloorScore
MexicoG.A.P. General Regulations Integrated Farm Assurance
Crops Base: Fruit & Vegetables
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
PEFC ST 2001:2008 PEFC Logo Usage Rules - Requirement
PEFC ST 2002:2013 (Second Edition) Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements
PEFC ST 2003:2012 (Second Edition) - Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Certification against the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard
Produce Safety Standard
SFI 2015-2019 Standards and Rules
Section 3 SFI 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard Appendix 1: Rules for Use of SFI Certified Sourcing Label
Section 4 SFI 2015-2019 Chain of Custody Standard
Section 5 Rules for Use of SFI On-Product Labels and Off-Product Marks - Parts 1 & 2 and Appendices 1 & 2
Section 9 SFI 2015-2019 Audit Procedures and Auditor Qualifications and Accreditation - Appendix 1: Audits of Multi-site Organizations (Normative)
SQF Code Edition 8.0 January 2018
Food Safety Code for Manufacture of Food Packaging
Food Safety Code for Manufacturing
Food Safety Code for Primary Production
Food Safety Code for Storage & Distribution
Food Safety Fundamentals
SQF Quality Code
Title 40, Part 770 Formaldehyde Standard for Composite Wood Products
EPA TSCA Title VI Third-Party Certification Program

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