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CRM Solutions Developer

Office Location: New York City


The CRM Solutions Developer understands the needs of the Institute, and knows how to implement, customize, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM) in a manner that is consistent with those needs. The CRM Solutions Developer possesses the software development skills necessary to design and develop highly sophisticated solutions that improve end-user productivity and increase overall efficiencies.

In addition, the CRM Developer has the business processing subject matter expertise required to effectively document clear, concise, and complete functional requirements related to MS CRM projects. Writes detailed description of end-user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop new or modify existing MS CRM applications. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, and a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

The CRM Developer is hands-on, and will be challenged to design and implement innovative and cost-saving solutions that utilize state of the art technology to resolve business problems. Designs and implements MS CRM solutions that align with ANSI’s overall business strategies utilizing best practices and adhering to ANSI’s software development methodologies, standards, and tools. As a member of ANSI’s software development team reporting to the Software Development Manager, he or she also works hand-in-hand with the Director, Enterprise Solution, who will guide and assist in the requirements gathering and documentation processes.


  • 3+ years of Dynamics CRM Development experience (2011/2013 Required)
  • 6+ years of ASP.NET, C#, LINQ, xRM with strong knowledge of Object Oriented and .NET development principals (Web Services, WCF, Multithreading is a plus)
  • 6+ years of MS SQL server experience with strong knowledge of relational database principals and TSQL (DML, DDL, DCL, and TCL)
  • Experience designing reports using MS SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Experience doing customizations with .NET, JavaScript, HTML, and XML
  • Demonstrated proficiency in installing and deploying CRM Organizations
  • Demonstrated proficiency in customizing and creating CRM entities
  • Demonstrated proficiency in understanding and implementing business workflows and processes
  • Demonstrated proficiency using the CRM SDK or plugin platforms
  • Experience with source control management systems and continuous integration/deployment environments
  • Internally motivated, able to work effectively both independently and in a team environment
  • Excellent communication skills with both internal team members and external business stakeholders
  • Strong desire to find ways to improve solutions, systems, and processes


  • Collaborate with other software developers, business analysts, software architects, and IT professionals to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions
  • Develop and maintain a platform roadmap and future direction for MS CRM within the enterprise
  • Customize the system to meet the business needs of the Institute, including customizing and creating MS CRM entities, understanding and implementing business workflows and processes
  • Design and develop UX Extensibility with Plugins
  • Create estimates on time and effort to complete assignments based on end-user requirements
  • Design and develop MS CRM solutions that integrate with existing ANSI legacy systems and applications
  • Migrate existing, as well as, design and develop new solutions utilizing WCF Web Services and xRM
  • Participate fully and actively in MS CRM solution deployments and provisioning activities
  • Participate in software development projects that are not based on the MS CRM framework


  • Assist with creating and modifying MS CRM reports utilizing SSRS
  • Assist in MS CRM upgrades and RU installs
  • Troubleshoot, debug, and fix MS CRM application errors
  • Create technical specification documentation for new MS CRM projects based on functional requirements documents
  • Implement software application quality assurance test case scenarios


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related business degree.
  • Microsoft CRM 201x MCTS certification desired

ANSI is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. ANSI does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, disability, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship or authorized alien status, or veteran status.

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