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Thank you for your interest in establishing a hyperlink to ANSI Online; we are pleased that our site is of interest to you.

Establishing a Link

Interested parties are welcome to establish a link to ANSI Online. There is no fee charged by ANSI to establish a link to our website.

You may also wish to consider the establishment of links to ANSI’s other sites for technical document information:

  • ANSI Webstore
    The ANSI Webstore is an online electronic standards web-based ordering and delivery system which will allow users to search for standards using keywords; select documents (Adobe Acrobat .PDF format) and place them in a "shopping cart"; purchase selected documents online with a major credit card (Visa, MC or Amex); and download the documents within 7 days of purchase.


Please note that ANSI's permission for parties to link to ANSI Online, or any ANSI websites, shall not be construed as any type of endorsement by ANSI, or any of ANSI's members or participating Standards Developers or third-party organizations (unless otherwise noted), of a referenced organization, system, product or service. The ANSI, its Accredited Standards Developers and third-party organizations expressly disavow any such implied endorsement.

Opinions expressed in a website to which ANSI has established a hyperlink are those of the website's owner/operator and do not necessarily reflect the views of ANSI, or any of ANSI's members or participating Standards Developers or third-party organizations. ANSI reserves the right, without liability, to reject, omit or exclude any link it has established to another website, for any reason at any time, whether or not such link was previously acknowledged, accepted, or published. ANSI will not knowingly link to any website that includes derogatory comments about another organization, or its products, systems or services or that is discriminatory because of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, physical handicap or other improper basis.

Reciprocal Links

ANSI’s current linking policy indicates that the Institute shall only establish reciprocal links to the sites of our members or to other national, regional, international or governmental standards organizations.

If you are requesting a reciprocal link, please send a message to ANSI providing an ANSI member ID number or a statement confirming your organization’s role as a standards development body.

ANSI Membership Information

Should you be interested in ANSI membership information, please contact ANSI and an application and background information will be forwarded to you.

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