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Teleconference Information and Etiquette

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The following information and suggested guidelines may be helpful to new users of an automated teleconference system.

NOTE: ANSI’s teleconferencing vendor is Premier Conferencing. When participating on an ANSI-sponsored teleconference, an ANSI staff person will provide members with a dial-in phone number, access code (if applicable), and other instructions.

Before the Call

  • Avoid environments with potential distractions or interruptions
    (e.g., animals, children, staff or street noise in the immediate vicinity)
  • Each participant should call in separately to maintain the high quality of the teleconference line


  • Landlines are best
    • Cell phones are discouraged because of static and potential for “cross talk”
    • Teleconference lines have severe problems with computer-internet based calls
    • If using a portable phone, use only 900 MHZ (or higher) models and stay close to the base to avoid static
  • Avoid use of the speakerphone function unless multiple parties for the call are present in a single location
  • A MUTE feature is recommended for phones and headsets
  • Call waiting should be disabled (instructions can be found in the front of most telephone books)
  • Ringers on additional lines should be silenced
  • Always avoid the HOLD feature – music will play and make it impossible for the other participants to continue the meeting

During the Call

  • Only invited participants should be present for the call
  • For the most efficient use of all participants’ time, follow agenda items and limit tangential discussion
  • Dial the assigned teleconference number at the scheduled time
    (see above for reminders about equipment choices)
    • A busy signal indicates an incorrect dial. Check the number and dial again
    • Participants should state their names to identify themselves to the entire group when speaking
    • If joining a call after it has begun, wait to be welcomed before joining the discussion. A tone will indicate when a participant has joined the group and Premier will announce the name
    • Two beeps will sound when a participant exits the call
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