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The 2011 Meritorious Service Awards

Awarded to: Mr. Brian K. Daly

Mr. Brian K. Daly displays his 2011 Meritorious Service Award, which he received from Mr. Art Cote, Chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors. Ms. Susan Miller accompanies him.

Brian K. Daly, director, core network and government regulatory standards, AT&T, has nearly two decades of dedicated experience leading strategic telecommunications standardization efforts both domestically and internationally. He is known as one of the leading global experts in standardization of wireless communications and converging technologies.

He has made tremendous contributions to the development of standards for third- and fourth-generation communications systems, IP multimedia subsystems, Voice over Long Term Evolution (LTE), commercial mobile alert services (CMAS), lawful intercept, and next generation emergency services (E911). These efforts have led to major standards adoption; his CMAS work was incorporated into the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Personal Localized Alerting Network and adopted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Daly has provided expertise and leadership to a large number of domestic and international standardization organizations, including the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) Packet Technologies and Systems Committee (PTSC), and Wireless Technologies and Systems Committee (WTSC); IEEE Standards Association (SA) 802; Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR 45, Mobile and Personal Communications Systems Standards; GSM Association; Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF); 3G IP Forum; and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Most recently, Brian was appointed to the FCC Technological Advisory Committee and Emergency Access Advisory Committee, where standardization plays a key role in determining recommendations.

He holds over 20 patents, most dealing with wireless technologies, and has published and presented countless times during his professional career.

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