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Media Access to ANSI Events


Media Access to ANSI Events Overview

Conferences and Open Events

Recognized media representatives are invited to attend and cover most ANSI-sponsored conferences and all open events for the standards and conformity assessment community. At these events, members of the media will have direct access to speakers, panelists and event attendees. In most cases, interviews can be requested and/or conducted on-site; ANSI’s media relations staff can also assist with scheduling interviews either pre- or post-event.

Closed Events

Working meetings of ANSI-sponsored committees, boards and councils are closed events and will not be open for attendance by the media. In these cases, ANSI’s media relations staff can assist with scheduling interviews with committee officers or designated spokespersons either pre- or post-event.

Press Qualification

To receive press credentials, ANSI requires verification of the editorial press corps, photographers and broadcast crew.

Media passes are typically issued only to full-time representatives of:

  • daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals with a general circulation.
  • recognized national or international news services.
  • radio or television stations maintaining regular news departments.

Freelance writers, photographers, contributing editors, or videographers must verify they have been retained to cover the subject ANSI event by presenting a letter from a recognized news organization or a publication. A letter from a publisher/editor or broadcast producer on official stationary or from an official e-mail account will be sufficient..

Media passes will be given to reporters, writers, editors, publishers, photographers, or videographers from print, broadcast, and online outlets who meet these qualifications.

Account representatives, sales executives, book authors, and engineers are not eligible for media passes.


Members of the media requesting attendance at an ANSI event should follow the normal registration procedures and submit all necessary forms, clearly indicating your position as a member of the media (reference “press qualification” above). You will receive an email or faxed confirmation of your credential qualification.

On-site media access will be given to members of the recognized news media showing a valid media card issued by an appropriate national or international authority. Please note that out of date cards will not be accepted.

Conditions and Disclaimers

Media access is extended as a professional courtesy; media privileges may be revoked at any time. In order to be eligible for a media access at a future ANSI event, a copy of all articles, photos and/or productions that are published, aired or posted regarding the event you attended shall be forwarded to the ANSI Media Relations contact identified below.

Material prepared or provided by ANSI may not be commercially sold or bartered without the expressed, written permission of ANSI.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is not responsible for the safety or security of any equipment or property damaged, destroyed or lost by a member of the media while attending an ANSI event.

Contact Information

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