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Commerce Department and ITA Organize Industry Roundtables for Standards Initiative Input

New York, May 27, 2003

The American National Standards Institute has received a schedule of roundtables planned by the Department of Commerce to solicit input from the standards community, in connection with the new standards initiative announced by Commerce Secretary Don Evans in March. The eight-point initiative is aimed at enhancing the Department’s activities in promoting U.S. exports to foreign markets and reducing technical barriers to trade that stem from adverse standards and regulatory policies. (See related story: Commerce Department Launches Standards Initiative)

The International Trade Administration (ITA) is organizing each of the industry-focused roundtables and has begun contacting a variety of core associations in each industry sector to solicit their participation as presenters. ITA officials are asking that representatives of these associations act as the spokespersons for their respective industry during the meetings. ITA also is strongly encouraging written or other input from individual companies or associations that wish to have their voice heard in this process. There will be an open roundtable in October as an opportunity for industry association and company representatives to have their voice heard through the roundtable process.

In order to capture the SDO perspective on standards issues, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is organizing a separate SDO roundtable (coordinated by Ms. Mary Saunders of NIST), tentatively planned for October 21st.

For more information regarding specific sector roundtables, please contact the DOC representative on the attached schedule, or Jonathan Menes, acting ITA Standards Liaison (

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