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Call for Nominations for ANSI Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee, Patent Group, and Copyright Ad Hoc Group

Responses due by May 6, 2005

New York, Apr 07, 2005

In a letter to members of the American National Standards Institute issued earlier today, Chairman of the Board George W. Arnold invited ANSI members to submit nominations for membership on the Institute’s new Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee, along with the Patent Group and the Copyright Ad Hoc Group.

The ANSI Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee (IPRPC) was created by the new ANSI Constitution and By-Laws, which became effective January 14, 2005. It will address all issues of strategic importance to the Institute relating to intellectual property. The focus of the existing Patent Group and the Copyright Ad Hoc Group, which have been incorporated into the ANSI IPRPC, will be expanded, strengthening their respective roles and complementing their activities in a number of important ways. The new ANSI IPRPC is intended to complement and strengthen the role of these groups, not replace them.

The Patent Group will be integrated as a standing committee of the IPRPC with reporting responsibilities to the IPRPC chairman. The group will continue developing Institute requirements and procedures in the areas of embedded intellectual property rights and will be primarily responsible for drafting the revised “Patent Policy” and Guidelines that will help explain and illustrate the important and often complex policy considerations relating to these issues.

The Copyright Ad Hoc Group will now report to and be incorporated into the IPRPC as well, while continuing its important work in the identification and review of issues relating to the assertion of copyright in standards and to develop relevant strategic recommendations.

Appointments to the ANSI IPRPC are subject to approval by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. Confirmation of appointments will be communicated during the summer of 2005, at which point the three groups will be considered fully operational.

Nomination information and guidelines, including required documentation, has been mailed to all members. It can also be found in the ANSI Online Document Library (follow the links for "ANSI Members Document Library : ANSI Members : Call for Nominations"). The nomination form may be returned via mail or fax, or the nominations may be submitted online ( All responses are due no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, May 6, 2005.

Questions or comments may be directed to Patricia A. Griffin, ANSI vice president and general counsel (212.642.4954;

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