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9-11 Commission Presented with Recommendation on Emergency Preparedness

Falls Church, VA, Apr 29, 2004

The Honorable Lee H. Hamilton, Vice Chair of the 9-11 Commission (left), appeared today at a reception hosted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to receive a recommendation on private sector emergency preparedness and business continuity. Presented by ANSI president and CEO Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz (right), the Institute recommended a voluntary national preparedness standard based on criteria developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Business continuity refers to the ability of companies and organizations to maintain or return to normal operations after a disaster, terrorist attack, or other security breach.

Developed by ANSI's Homeland Security Standards Panel (ANSI-HSSP), the recommendation proffers the American National Standard for Disaster/ Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs (NFPA 1600). The 9-11 Commission will consider this recommendation in preparing its final report to Congress and the President.

"It has been over 31 months since the 9/11 attacks. Now is the time to plan, prepare and build partnerships," said Hamilton. "The work that ANSI has done over the past three months in partnership with the private sector and government in developing this recommendation exemplifies this endeavor."

"Voluntary standards can assist in protection of assets, disaster recovery, and emergency preparedness, and are critical to national economic and security interests," said ANSI president and CEO Mark W. Hurwitz. "ANSI was a logical choice to serve as the forum for safety, security and crisis intervention experts to work together to develop this recommendation for consideration by the Commission."

"Now is the time for serious consideration of a national [private sector] preparedness standard. Your hard work is truly a service to our nation," Hamilton continued.

NFPA 1600 was developed and is maintained by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Electronic copies of the standard are available for public download at For additional information on the standard, please contact the NFPA press officer, Margie Coloian (; 617.984.7275).

For additional information on ANSI or the recommendation to the 9-11 Commission, please contact the ANSI communications team (Stacy Leistner: 212.642.4931; or Stephanie Carroll: 212.642.4890;

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