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FDA Commends the Conference for Food Protection and ANSI Partnership

New York, May 06, 2004

The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently commended the Conference for Food Protection (CFP), recognizing the national voluntary organization’s achievements in support of state and local food safety programs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 76 million Americans get sick, more than 300,000 enter the hospital, and 5,000 people die because of food-borne illnesses each year. The FDA Food Code states that the person in charge of a food establishment is accountable for developing, carrying out, and enforcing procedures aimed at preventing food-borne illness. CFP standards contribute to improvements in the model FDA Food Code, helping jurisdictions justify, adopt and implement its provisions.

In a letter from Robert E. Brackett, PhD, director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, the CFP’s Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs was acknowledged by the FDA for its consensus standards and online listing of accredited certifiers of industry food protection managers.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the CFP have partnered to accredit food protection manager certification programs, increasing the value and impact of food protection management services within the industry. ANSI independently evaluates certification programs against a set of program requirements developed by the CFP. Reliance upon the ANSI/CFP accreditation program reduces the need for government agencies to individually monitor credentialing organizations.

“FDA encourages food regulatory authorities and others evaluating credentials for food protection managers to recognize the Conference for Food Protection/ANSI means of accrediting certification programs,” wrote Brackett in the letter. “This procedure provides a means for universal acceptance of individuals who successfully demonstrate knowledge of food safety.”

A Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) is accountable for the development, implementation and enforcement of specific policies, procedures, or standards aimed at preventing food borne illness at restaurants, grocery stores, institutions (e.g., hospitals, schools, prisons, etc.), and other retail food establishments. These individuals are responsible for identifying hazards, supervising or directing food preparation activities, coordinating training, and taking corrective action as needed to protect the health of the consumer.

Accredited certification bodies make it easier and less costly for regulators to verify the qualification of food protection managers in their jurisdiction.

“It is anticipated that this program will lead to enhanced consumer protection, improve the overall level of food safety, and be an important component of a seamless national food safety system,” Brackett continued in the letter, addressed to CFP chair Glenda Christy.

More information about ANSI accreditation programs can be found on the ANSI conformity assessment section of ANSI Online, contact Dr. Row Swift, director for personnel certification accreditation programs (202.331.3617;

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