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Greening the Institute: ANSI Launches New Sustainable Workplace Initiative

New York, Oct 31, 2007

In an effort to reduce waste, save energy, and promote the sustainability of the workplace environment, today’s inaugural meeting of the ANSI Green Team marked the beginning of a new initiative to transform the Institute’s Washington, DC, and New York offices into more environmentally friendly spaces. In total, more than twenty staffers expressed an interest in participating in the program.

During the meeting, members of the Green Team identified and assigned several first steps that will help to define the Institute’s green office plan:

  • Collect baseline data to use as a benchmark against future improvements
  • Work with building management to identify any existing recycling, electrical, or plumbing restrictions and requirements
  • Explore purchasing opportunities such as recycled paper and Energy Star certified equipment
  • Identify energy-saving measures in the IT arena, including energy management software and toner cartridge recycling practices
  • Examine potential facility improvements such as compact florescent light bulbs, additional recycling bins, and motion-controlled lights

The Green Team will reconvene on December 3, 2007, to discuss next steps and further shape the Institute-wide plan of action. For more information about these activities, contact Larry Castiglione, ANSI’s director of human resources (212.642.4967;

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