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China National Institute for Standardization Visits ANSI

Delegation explores topics related to a national standardization strategy

Washington, DC, Dec 22, 2003

A 15-member ANSI delegation met with representatives of the China National Institute for Standardization (CNIS) on Tuesday, December 16 at ANSI headquarters in Washington, DC. The delegation was welcomed by ANSI President and CEO, Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz.

CNIS has been charged (by the Ministry of Science and Technology) with developing a national standards strategy for China, aimed for completion in 2004. China is working to establish a new mechanism of standardization that is suitable for their evolving market economy, and CNIS wishes to study standardization models in the U.S. and Europe in this process.

The meeting gave CNIS an opportunity to learn about the National Standards Strategy for the United States (NSS) and its implementation, the structure of the U.S. standardization system, the key role of government in standardization, the relationship between standards and the law, financial issues, training and education.

According to Mr. Gary Kushnier, Vice President, International Policy, "The ANSI delegation was pleased to meet with the CNIS representatives and reciprocated their desire to establish and maintain an ongoing dialog with a specific focus on the development of an effective national standards strategy for China."

CNIS was formerly known as the China Standards Information Center, and is a professional information institute at the national level engaged in collecting, processing, researching and offering information services on standards, metrology and quality. It has developed the database for Chinese national standards, sectoral standards, ISO and IEC standards, a database for quality products through national supervision and a database for Chinese certified companies and products. An ANSI delegation had previously met with CNIS in representatives in Beijing in 2001.

For more information on this meeting and other regional activities, please contact Steven Bipes, ANSI program manager of international policy - regional and bilateral programs (tel: 202.331.3607; e-mail:

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