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Launch of National Preparedness Month Precedes Third Anniversary of 9-11

ANSI and standards community involved in outreach efforts

Washington, DC, Sep 09, 2004

"Three years after 9/11, I can tell you that working in common effort for the common good is how Americans must approach homeland security," said Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge at the launch of National Preparedness Month in Washington, DC, earlier today.

Addressing the representatives of more than 80 partner organizations and all 56 states and territories who were gathered at the Longworth House Office Building, Secretary Ridge said that he was "very pleased" that so many had decided to participate in the National Preparedness Month initiative. "A unique coalition has come together to encourage and help Americans take simple steps to prepare themselves and their families for any possible emergency."

By working together to plan events and get critical preparedness information to more people in their communities, DHS and its partners are working to spread the message of preparedness to millions of citizens.

"We were overwhelmed with the positive response from both the public sector and the private sector," said Secretary Ridge, adding that the activities being held throughout this month are "truly impressive."

Visitors to a local Starbucks coffee shop can walk away with a Family Communication Plan brochure. NASCAR fans will see public service announcements and will receive preparedness information at race kiosks. The American Red Cross has mobilized its chapters to host preparedness fairs and first-aid training. The United States Chamber of Commerce is helping businesses prepare plans, and the list goes on and on.

As a National Preparedness Month partner, ANSI – under the auspices of its Homeland Security Standards Panel (ANSI-HSSP) – is planning a standardization workshop on citizen readiness/emergency preparedness. The Institute has also launched an awareness campaign within the broad U.S. and global standardization community, calling upon its network of standards organizations to assist in promotion of National Preparedness Month to members, constituents and standards users.

"We are pleased to partner with DHS and the other groups that are addressing the critical issues of national security," said David Karmol, ANSI vice-president of public policy and government affairs. "National Preparedness Month is a grass roots awareness program that reminds us all that we need to be prepared for all types of emergencies – not just terrorist attacks."

ANSI, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and members of the U.S. standards community worked earlier this year with the 9-11 Commission and others to develop a recommendation for a national standard on private-sector emergency preparedness standard and business continuity.

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