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International Workshop Accelerates Discussion of Vehicular ICT Standards

New York, Mar 13, 2008

2008 marks the third year that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have come together to host The Fully Networked Car, a workshop held at the Geneva International Motor Show. Focused on a discussion of information and communication technologies (ICT) for motor vehicles, this year’s event was held on March 5-7, 2008.

In addition to its focus on the harmonization of ICT standards, this year’s workshop addressed the special theme of climate change.

In his keynote address, Max Mosley, president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), organizers of the Formula One (F1) World Championship, discussed the leading edge technology currently being used in the development of F1 racing cars. With as many as 300 channels of information flowing from each car to its pit crew, F1 technology offers many broader applications for the automotive industry, particularly with regard to fuel efficiency and monitoring of environmental impact.

Workshop attendees were able to learn more about F1 technology first hand by visiting the Honda Racing F1 Team’s exhibition. Their new vehicle “earthdreams” emphasizes environmental features and points toward ICT and green automotive technologies that could make their way into future consumer vehicles.

Participants agreed that proprietary technologies are a major concern in today’s marketplace, and that the vehicle manufacturing and ICT industries need to come together to focus on product development that is driven by globally relevant standards.

“International standards pave the way to innovation and global markets,” said ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden in his opening remarks. “ICT [standards] support progress in the performance, safety and functionalities of transportation. The collaboration between ISO, IEC and ITU [channels] world expertise and best practices into international standards, contributing to the interoperability [of these technologies].”

Some of the priorities identified for future standardization efforts included a common set of standards for the full range of nomadic devices; standards for software-defined radios; and standards to cope with the gap between the short lifecycle of mobile phones compared to the relatively long lifecycle of cars.

With regard to the collection and retention of data, workshop participants also stressed the need for the ICT and vehicle manufacturing industries to come to a common understanding about consumer privacy concerns.

To learn more about this year’s event, view the Fully Networked Car website and the workshop agenda.

Next year’s workshop is planned for March 4-6, 2009. Details will be available at

Who is doing the work?

ISO TC 22, Road vehicles

  • SAE International is the ANSI-accredited U.S. TAG Administrator

ISO TC 204, Intelligent transport systems

  • Chaired by Michael Noblett of Connexis
  • The Electronic Industries Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Association together serve as the ANSI-accredited U.S. TAG Administrator

ISO TC 207, Environmental management

  • The American Society for Quality serves as the ANSI-accredited U.S. TAG Administrator

IEC TC 21, Secondary Cells

  • Battery Council International is the U.S. National Committee (USNC) approved TAG Administrator

IEC TC 22, Power electronic systems and equipment

  • The National Electrical Manufacturers Association is the USNC approved TAG Administrator

IEC TC 69, Electric Road Vehicles and Electric Industrial Trucks

  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is the USNC approved TAG Administrator

IEC TC 79, Alarm Systems

  • The National Fire Protection Association is the USNC approved TAG Administrator

IEC TC 100, Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment

  • Chaired by Mark Hyman of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
  • The Consumer Electronics Association is the USNC approved TAG Administrator

IEC TC 105, Fuel Cell Technologies

  • CSA America Inc. is the USNC approved TAG Administrator

IEC CISPR/SC D, Electromagnetic disturbances related to electric/electronic equipment on vehicles and internal combustion engine powered devices

  • The U.S. holds the Chairmanship (Mr. Poul Andersen)
  • SAE International is the USNC approved TAG Administrator

The coordinator of U.S. input for ITU activities is the U.S. Department of State.

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