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REMINDER: 2007 ANSI Procedural Compliance Online Survey Due Today, March 15

New York, Mar 15, 2007

The ANSI Procedures and Standards Administration department wishes to remind all ANSI-accredited standards developers that the 2007 Compliance Form is due today, March 15, 2007.

To maintain accreditation as an American National Standards (ANS) developer, the procedures used in connection with the development of consensus relative to ANS must be in compliance with procedural requirements. All ANSI-accredited standards developers are requested to review of the 2007 edition of the ANSI Essential Requirements and submit the completed Compliance Form immediately. Failure to submit the form is, at minimum, a non-compliance noted in the ANSI audit and reviewed by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC).

The 2007 edition of the ANSI Essential Requirements is available in the ANSI Online Public Document Library (under the headings “American National Standards” and “Procedures, Guides and Forms”). The 2007 Compliance Form online survey is available here.

“By seeking and maintaining ANSI-accredited status, an organization chooses to publicly commit to an open, equitable and accessible consensus process that ensures due process and benefits the public interest,” explained Lane Hallenbeck, vice president, accreditation services.

Please contact the procedures and standards administration department at for more information.

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