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Driving Innovation: New International Standard Guides Next Generation of Cruise Control

New York, Oct 27, 2009

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, many families across the country are making plans to travel by car to visit relatives and friends. Driving across long stretches of highway is expected to be safer and more enjoyable now thanks to a recently published International Standard for full speed range adaptable cruise control.

Frequent adjustments to speed in highway driving are sometimes necessary even when cruise control is employed, leaving drivers stressed and tired by the time they reach their destination. ISO 22179:2009, Intelligent transport systems – Full speed range adaptive cruise control (FSRA) systems – Performance requirements and test procedures, guides FSRA technology, which automatically adjusts vehicle speed while the car is in cruise control mode. This will make the trip both easier for drivers and safer for all highway users.

FSRA technology adjusts speeds based on the car’s distance from the vehicle ahead. If needed, the system will slow the vehicle down to a standstill. Once the road is clear, the system will re-accelerate the vehicle back to the set speed. The system can be used for highway driving in a wide variety of traffic conditions.

The document covers the following aspects of FSRA technology:

  • Basic control strategy
  • Minimum functionality requirements
  • Basic driver interface elements
  • Minimum requirements for diagnostics and reaction to failure
  • Performance test procedures.

ISO 22179:2009 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 204, Intelligent transport systems. The U.S. holds the chairmanship and the secretariat of TC 204. Michael Noblett of Connexis serves as chairman, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has delegated secretariat duties to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). TIA and the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) – both ANSI members and accredited standards developers – jointly serve as the ANSI-accredited Technical Advisory Group (TAG) administrator to TC 204.

For more information on ISO 22179, read the ISO news release.

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