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ANSI Introduces Web Conferencing to Deliver Education and Training Services

New York, Jun 12, 2002

ANSI's Education and Training department is pleased to introduce a new, cost-effective, interactive method to present customized training sessions for its members utilizing web conferencing technology.

Customized to fit the educational needs of the particular audience, online training courses provide members with the convenience of distance learning combined with the interactive experience of a classroom. Pamela Suett, ANSI's director of education, noted, "These online sessions are not only beneficial in the short-term-- eliminating the extra cost and hassle of travel--in the long-term they equip members with the skills necessary to handle an array of issues pertaining to standards and standards development."

The Institute successfully held its first ever web-conference in collaboration with the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), an ANSI member and ANSI-accredited standards developer, and Placeware, a web-conferencing service. The two-hour course provided an overview of the International Organization for Standardization as well as important rules and procedures not commonly recognized by U.S. delegates at international meetings. The instructor conducted the class from his office in Philadelphia to nine ARI member companies around the country and five staff members at ARI headquarters in Virginia. In addition, representatives from ASTM International attended the session to evaluate future web-conferencing activities for its members.

Regarding the value of web conferencing versus face-to-face meetings, James Walters, director of International Standards at ARI, said, "In this instance, industry avoided costs of more than $10,000 in travel and lodging expenses alone, plus ARI was able to provide this service in a manner less disruptive for both members and staff."

Web-conference participant, Mike Grassmuck of Hussman Corp. in Missouri, commented, "The [web conference] was a very convenient way for me to participate and learn. I realize it's nice to have face to face contact, but I would not have been able to attend a meeting out of town, [and I would have missed] the important material that was taught."

A similar session for U.S. delegates is planned for the fall and will be open to all ANSI members. Customized training is also available and Institute members are encouraged to take advantage of this new service. Web conference classes can be designed to meet the needs of any audience within a few weeks and are ideal for small groups of up to fifteen persons.

"ANSI's goal in collaborating with our members to create these online training courses is to help them serve their constituents better and help U.S. delegates working abroad to perform their jobs better," added Suett.

For more information concerning ANSI's education and training services, please contact Pamela Suett at (t) 212.642.4976 or (e)

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