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Attention ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG Administrators to ISO: Online Compliance Survey Must be Submitted by March 31

New York, Jan 14, 2008

intro image Earlier this month, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) officially issued the revised 2008 edition of the ANSI Procedures for U.S. Participation in the International Standards Activities of ISO (ANSI International Procedures) and the 2008 ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG Procedural Compliance Form.

To maintain status as an ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), TAG Administrators must demonstrate compliance with current procedural requirements. After review of the 2008 edition of the ANSI International Procedures, all Administrators of ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAGs to ISO must complete the 2008 ANSI Procedural Compliance Form online survey by March 31, 2008.

The revisions that have been incorporated into the 2008 ANSI International Procedures have been subjected to public review via ANSI’s Standards Action and finally approved by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC) and the ANSI Board of Directors’ National Policy Committee (NPC).

U.S. TAG Administrators for ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAGs to ISO may submit revised procedures for re-accreditation to the ANSI PSA department ( Revised procedures are to be submitted in strike-through and underline format with an explanation of all changes.

Questions about the online survey or the ANSI International Procedures may be sent to the PSA department (

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