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Kitzantides Captures Wide Support for IEC Candidacy

Rosslyn, VA, Aug 21, 2003

Reprinted from the August 2003 issue of "electroindustry (ei)" from the National Electrical Manfacturers Association (NEMA)

Frank Kitzantides's candidacy for IEC vice president and chairman of the Standardization Management Board is building momentum. NEMA’s vice president of engineering and a stalwart in the international standards community, Kitzantides has garnered a string of first-tier endorsements (in addition to nominations by nine national committees of the IEC).

The endorsements include those from a wide range of standards-related organizations. ANSI President Mark Hurwitz says Kitzantides “is uniquely qualified for this office—primarily because of his more than 16 years of active involvement on the Standards Management Board and its predecessor, the Committee of Action. On countless occasions, he has proven his familiarity with the processes and procedures necessary to provide effective guidance to the international electrotechnical community. Indeed, he has consistently demonstrated the kind of executive leadership, professional expertise, and innovative insights that will significantly benefit IEC in the coming years.” The USNC reports that nine national committees, including the USNC, have nominated Kitzantides for the vice president’s office.)

Arthur Cote, executive vice president and chief engineer of NFPA International, writes in his endorsement, “Frank continues to be a leading force in the standards development community worldwide, and I believe he would make an outstanding vice president..."

Joseph McGuire, president of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, says this: “The IEC would be well served by Mr. Kitzantides’ extensive knowledge and experience with technical standards and conformity assessment activities. His influence internationally is well recognized [as are his] accomplishments and proven consensus building skills."

Kitzantides has also received endorsements from the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute; the Advanced Medical Technology Association; the American Petroleum Institute; the Electronic Industries Alliance; the Information Technology Industry Council; the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.; The International Association of Electrical Inspectors; IPC, which serves the printed circuit board and electronics assembly industries, their customers and suppliers; the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society; the National Electrical Contractors Association; and NEMA.

The Pan-American Standards Commission COPANT recently passed two resolutions, one to support Canada’s Tony Flood for IEC president and another to support the Kitzantides candidacy. The resolutions also requested COPANT members that are IEC members as well to support the two candidacies within the IEC. The same two resolutions will be introduced at the meeting of PASC, the Pacific Area Standards Congress, in Hanoi this August.

In addition to support from the standards world, Kitzantides has received numerous endorsements from the business world. Lloyd Trotter, president and chief executive officer of GE Industrial Systems, says "General Electric believes that Frank Kitzantides’ standards, engineering, and leadership credentials make him uniquely qualified for the office. I am convinced that, if elected, he will provide the international community with outstanding leadership..."

Wayne Balta, vice president of IBM’s corporate environmental affairs and product safety, writes: “He is one of the first people to recognize the value of conformity assessment processes and rendered valuable contributions to the IEC system for conformity testing and certification of electrical equipment…The valuable experience he gained in IEC leadership positions, and IBM’s observation of his successful activities in several of these positions, lead us to believe that he will continue to influence improvements in IEC standards development processes, and be a valuable contributor to the IEC management structure.”

John Estey, president and chief executive officer of S&C Electric, has this to say: “Frank has demonstrated an excellent ability to listen to parties with differing views and to propose solutions around which consensus can easily be built. He is also excellent in dealing with all types of people involved in standardization, from CEO’s of major corporations to those in working groups producing standards.”

Other companies endorsing Kitzantides include ABB, Cooper Industries, Corning, Eaton, Hubbell, Leviton, Pass & Seymour, Philips, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Square D/Schneider Electric, and Thermon.

Among others endorsing the Kitzantides nomination are Underwriters Laboratories and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Finally, Bernie Falk, past president of the IEC and of NEMA as well, writes in his endorsement, “A man of impeccable character, outstanding mind, and warm personality, Frank has led, in both his domestic and international standards efforts, in ensuring that standards are responsive to market needs and are developed in an efficient, timely manner.”

Kitzantides, for his part, says he is “humbled by and grateful for the confidence and trust placed by so many in my ability to serve the industry and the standards community. It is a privilege to run for this office."

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