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69th IEC General Meeting: IEC must “Serve the Market”

New York, Nov 07, 2005

The 69th General Meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) held in Cape Town, South Africa from October 17-22, 2005, welcomed some 1,400 delegates attending technical and management meetings. IEC president Renzo Tani welcomed guests during the opening ceremony, and said that the IEC’s job is to “serve the market,” calling on delegates to bear this in mind in their work: “Our efforts, our thinking and our work should all focus on that goal. When we serve the market well, we strengthen the IEC at every step. It’s a job that’s done one task at a time by everyone involved.”

Speaking to IEC Council on Friday, October 21, Tani urged members to get involved in developing the forthcoming IEC Masterplan now in development. Tani also said that National Committees to the IEC should seek to be fully representative by ensuring that all electrotechnical interests in their countries participate, and that they should encourage new companies and new industries to get involved in IEC work.

In his annual IEC Performance Report, general secretary Ronnie Amit said the IEC has, since October 2004, cut four months out of the average development time for its standards, bringing the number down to a total of 36 months. Amit attributed this to paying attention to market demands, innovating in standards preparation processes and including new participants in IEC work. Amit highlighted IEC’s streamlined processes for developing standards along with decentralized systems that have empowered IEC national committees and its community of experts to meeting the market demands for relevant standards that are prepared and published quickly.

IEC looked to the future of the organization during the Open Session of Council on October 21, as members discussed the subjects that need to be considered in the forthcoming edition of the IEC Masterplan. Discussion emphasized that consortia and academia are topics that need further consideration as the strategic planning document moves from the current development phase into drafting and approval. Members said that the IEC should do more to help educate students about the use of standards that they would encounter once in the work force and encourage new graduates to participate in standardization.

U.S. National Committee (USNC) president Steven A. Seeker reported to the IEC Council that the USNC intended to invite the IEC to meet for its 74th General Meeting in 2010 in Seattle, Washington. The German National Committee gave delegates in Cape Town a taste of what to expect at the 70th General Meeting of the IEC, which will be held in Berlin September 24-29, 2006. The French National Committee will host the 2007 IEC General Meeting in Bordeaux October 15-19, 2007; IEC Council has accepted the Brazilian National Committee’s invitation to host the 72nd General Meeting in 2008; and the Israeli National Committee announced its intention to invite the IEC family to Israel in 2009.

For more information on the IEC General Meeting, visit IEC Online.

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