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Four New Officers to Lead ANSI Member Forums in 2004

New York, Dec 15, 2003

The ANSI Federation comprises four broadly defined constituencies: company members, organizational members, government members, and consumer interests. An ANSI Member Forum is charged to represent the unique needs and interests of each of these constituencies.

Four individuals have been appointed to chair the respective member forums in 2004; each will be beginning their fist term in this capacity. They are:

  • Ronald F. Silletti, corporate program director of standards, IBM Corporation, who will chair the Company Member Forum (CMF). Mr. Silletti will succeed Mr. Alex (“Alec”) McMillan, director of global standards and trade, Rockwell Automation.

  • Barbara B. Gregg, president of the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, Inc., who will chair the Consumer Interest Forum. Ms. Gregg will succeed Ms. Linda Golodner, president of the National Consumers League (NCL).

  • Gregory E. Saunders, director of the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO), U.S. Department of Defense, who will chair the Government Member Forum (GMF). Mr. Saunders will succeed Mr. Richard Weinstein, program executive for the NASA Technical Standards Program in the Office of the Chief Engineer, NASA Headquarters.

  • Judith Gorman, managing director, standards activities, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), who will chair the Organizational Member Forum (OMF). Ms. Gorman will succeed Mr. Dan Bart, senior vice president, standards and special projects, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

The retiring officers were thanked for their contributions and presented with a small gift during the Joint Member Forum meeting held on Tuesday, September 30, 2003, in conjunction with the World Standards Week events in Washington, DC.

The ANSI Company Member Forum (CMF) provides a venue for ANSI members representing the broad spectrum of U.S. industry to come together to discuss national, regional and global standards and conformity assessment issues and collectively shape and influence U.S. policy in the domestic and international arena. Many ANSI corporate members cite this cross-industry networking as one of the primary benefits of membership, which often results in alliances between different Industries and cooperative partnering to leverage resources.

The ANSI Government Member Forum (GMF) provides a forum for the discussion of government standards and conformity assessment issues, as they relate to the American National Standards Institute and its members. Representatives of virtually every federal department participate in the ANSI GMF.

The ANSI Organizational Member Forum (OMF) provides a forum for U.S. professional societies, trade associations, standards developers and academia to come together to discuss national and international standards and conformity assessment issues of interest.

The ANSI Consumer Interest Forum (CIF) works to facilitate the representation of consumer interests in voluntary standards and conformity assessment activities. It thereby enhances the effectiveness and credibility of the ANSI Federation as representative of all materially affected interests.

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