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ANSI Launches Membership Discounts Program

Members Receive Up to 10% Off on Thousands of Standards

New York, Apr 25, 2002

ANSI is pleased to announce the launch of a new member benefit for up to 10% savings on the single-user purchase of standards from an inventory of thousands of documents available from its Electronics Standards Store (ESS). Exclusively available to current and new members, the Institute will launch the discount program on May 1, 2002.

"ANSI members have received advance notice of the promotion, which is an ongoing benefit to ANSI members," said Leanne Lowry, the Institute's product marketing analyst. "During this week, the ANSI member contact was sent an email message announcing the new program and identifying their individual ANSI member discount code, which will be required to participate in the discount program."

During the checkout process, ESS customers will be prompted for the ANSI member discount code toward the purchase of standards from the following collections:

International Organization for Standardization
International Electrotechnical Commission
InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (An ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee administered by the Information Technology Industry Council)
ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee X9 (An ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee administered by the American Bankers Association)
American Gear Manufacturing Association
I3A, Inc.
Optical Laboratories Association

In addition, discounts will also be available for the entire collection of various American National Standards contained in the ESS's ANSI-Other Industries department.

"Once members have entered their unique numerical code, the appropriate discount rate of up to 10% will be automatically applied to all qualifying items during the final transaction process," explained Rose Maginniss, the Institute's director of Electronic Sales and Marketing. "Additional information on this exciting program will be forthcoming in the near future. Members should check the ESS, NSSN and ANSI Online home page for banners advertising the launch and directing members to detailed instructions on taking advantage of this special promotion."

"ANSI initiated this exclusive savings program to existing and new members as part of our enhanced focus on delivering valuable services and enhanced benefits packages to our members," said Greg Fine, the Institute's director of Membership Marketing, "and to express our appreciation for their continued support."

For more information about the member discount program or any of ANSI's other electronic sales services including the ESS, the NSSN, Network Site Licenses or placing online orders, please contact the Institute's Customer Service Department at (t) 212.642.4980 or (f) 212.302.1286 or (e)

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