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ANSI Launches Tracking System for Implementation of the United States Standards Strategy

New York, Apr 05, 2006

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today the launch of a tracking system to record actions taken on the implementation of strategies and tactics in the United States Standards Strategy (USSS); a related system is tracking organizational support and endorsement of the Strategy.

Published in December 2005, the USSS benefits the nation’s standardization community by establishing a framework that can be used by all interested parties to further advance trade issues in the global marketplace, enhance consumer health and safety, meet stakeholder needs and, as appropriate, advance U.S. viewpoints in the regional and international arena. To achieve the greatest impact, stakeholders have been strongly encouraged to develop and enact sector-specific implementation plans. This central repository facilitates the organization and communication of actions underway within the U.S. standards community. ANSI will collate data posted to the tracking system and present an implementation report during the U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day 2006 in Washington, DC; the report is intended to continue annually thereafter. Progress on implementation will be measured over time and the USSS will be revisited and reevaluated accordingly.

In 2001, ANSI developed a tracking system to record the U.S. standardization community’s implementation and endorsement of the National Standards Strategy of the United States (NSS). In 2004, the Institute convened a committee to make appropriate revisions to the NSS so that it appropriately reflects changes in market needs and trends. ANSI served as facilitator of the entire review process, and undertook a leading role in managing the publication of the revised Strategy. The Institute was also the first organization to go on record, in December 2005, with an official endorsement of the USSS.

The USSS tracking systems for implementation and endorsement can be found online at or Questions or comments can be submitted via e-mail to

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