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USNC/IEC Launches New Online Training Program

New York, Jul 15, 2005

In a message distributed this week to constituents of the U.S. National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (USNC/IEC), organization president Steven Seeker announced the launch of a comprehensive education and training program to assist U.S. experts who are helping to develop, promulgate and implement international standards for the electrotechnical industry. Development of the training program began almost immediately following the conclusion of a 2004 survey of USNC/IEC constituents and a subsequent commitment by the USNC/IEC governing bodies to increase U.S. effectiveness in international standardization activities.

Embracing all electrotechnologies, the USNC/IEC scope of work spans a multi-billion dollar industry comprising electronics, magnetics and electromagnetics, electroacoustics, multimedia, telecommunication, and energy production and distribution. Associated disciplines such as terminology and symbols, electromagnetic compatibility, measurement and performance, dependability, design and development, safety and the environment are also included.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Jack Wells, the USNC Communications and Continuing Education Committee began working to provide value-added educational resources for its constituency – nearly 4,000 U.S. managerial, engineering, scientific and professional participants. Members of the committee worked in close collaboration with the USNC/IEC staff and members of the ANSI Education and Training Services team to respond to the training needs identified in the survey results. The six (6) Internet-based, self-taught training modules now available only to members in good standing of the USNC/IEC constituency via the USNC/IEC website ( represent the first phase of the organization’s newly launched educational program. A supplemental instructor-led training module is in development and will be launched later this year.

According to Charlie Zegers, ANSI program director and USNC general secretary, “These training modules provide resources that will help professionals within the electrotechnical industry effectively navigate the myriad processes and procedures of IEC standards development programs.”

Questions about the new USNC/IEC online training course or constituent requests for access to the username and password should be directed to Dana Holmes, program administrator for the USNC/IEC ( Questions about ANSI’s education and training programs can be directed to Caroline Holley, education and training administrator( Organizations interested in participation in the USNC technical or policy activities are invited to contact Charlie Zegers, the USNC/IEC general secretary(

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