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Preliminary Program Announced for ANSI Conference on U.S. Leadership in ISO and IEC

New York, Mar 30, 2007

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has issued a preliminary program for the third ANSI Conference on U.S. Leadership in ISO and IEC, to be held May 23-24, 2007, in Chicago, IL. The event will bring together representatives from the U.S. standardization community for dialogue, collaboration, and the development of strategies and tactics on key issues impacting global standards-setting.

Held in conjunction with the meetings of the ANSI ISO Forum, the USNC Council1 and Technical Management Committee, the conference welcomes U.S. officers of ISO and IEC Technical Committees and Subcommittees, Technical Advisory Group (TAG) officers and administrators, Heads of Delegations to ISO and IEC meetings, and technical experts participating in U.S. TAG and IEC and ISO activities.

To set the stage for a dynamic dialogue among attendees, the event will kickoff with an open plenary session led by prominent leaders in standardization. Keith E. Williams, president and chief executive officer of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. will serve as keynote speaker. Two concurrent breakout sessions targeted specifically to the needs of ISO and IEC participants will allow attendees an opportunity to network and engage in a constructive dialogue with their counterparts in other technical program areas. The breakouts will provide a platform for attendees to discuss best practices and procedures, share effective solutions to common concerns, and provide feedback on issues that may require attention within ANSI, ISO or IEC.

Day two of the conference will reunite all attendees for a series of panel discussions on cross-cutting issues impacting both organizations. Each of the panels will devote significant time to open discussion on the relevant topics, which include:

  • strategies for effective national coordination between ISO and IEC TAGs in relation to converging technologies;

  • the roles and responsibilities of U.S. delegates with respect to patents, copyrights and intellectual property rights;

  • leveraging bi-lateral and regional alliances with other countries to solidify positions that will support U.S. interests;

  • the use of electronic technologies to facilitate business processes throughout the standards development process; and

  • using and referencing ISO and IEC standards in technical regulations.

The event will conclude with an open dialogue in which participants will be invited to voice additional comments or concerns not addressed at the conference and to define any action items that may require further development and advancement within ANSI or the USNC.

For program details and registration information, please visit the event webpage.

1The USNC /IEC will hold an EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Workshop on Monday, May 21, 2007, at the same location. For more information, please contact Charlie Zegers, USNC/IEC general secretary (212.642.4965;

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