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New ANSI Practices Regarding Policy Committee Appointments

New York, May 24, 2007

In an e-mail message distributed to members of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) today, changes to ANSI practices regarding the appointment of individuals to the Institute’s Policy Committees were announced:

    Under ANSI's Constitution and By-Laws, members of all Institute Policy Committees shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board with the approval of the Executive Committee. Robert Noth, Chairman of the Board, has been receiving an increasing number of requests for interim appointments to our Policy Committees at a time when these Committees are reaching (or exceeding) the original target number of thirty voting members. In light of this, and based upon input from the ANSI Policy Committee Chairs, the Chairman has determined that ANSI practices will be amended as follows:

    There will be a cap on the Policy Committees at thirty-six voting members.

    Those Committees that are already beyond thirty-six will be worked down by attrition and term limits while striving to maintain a balance of interests. Those below that number have vacant seats that are available to be filled in the normal nomination cycle.

    Any ANSI member expressing interest in an ANSI Policy Committee may immediately register and participate as a non-voting member of the Committee. Such non-voting members will have access to all Committee documents, including meeting minutes and agendas. Non-voting members will also have the right to attend meetings, the right of the floor at those meetings and the ability to file positions in support or opposition to any issue being considered by the voting members and access to all meeting documents including working papers and minutes. Chairs and voting members are expected to give due consideration to the views of the non-voting members in seeking consensus or resolution if a vote is required.

    Mid-term appointments to voting status on a Policy Committee will be considered by the Chairman of the Board subject to evaluation of the timing relative to the normal nomination cycle, available open seats, Committee balance of interests, advice from the Committee's nominating process (if any) and support staff recommendation in the following circumstances:

    (a) A new ANSI member (joining outside the normal nomination cycle) wishes to engage right away in the Committee's activity;

    (b) A "mid-term" change occurs in Committee voting-member make up through resignations, departures or the like. Should this occur, consideration will be given to the elevation to voting status of designated alternates from the same entity to replace the departed voting member as well as to applications for the open seat from other interested non-voting members of the Committee. “Mid-term” changes will be resolved on a case by case basis in the best interests of the Institute. No matter how this is decided by the Chairman of the Board in a specific case, the voting seat that has been filled with a "mid-term" appointment will be filled only for the remainder of the current calendar year and then be considered an open seat for the following calendar year's normal nomination process.

Members of the Institute are also reminded of the invitation to participate in the annual recommendation of qualified candidates for the ANSI Board of Directors and for membership (voting and non-voting) on the Institute’s Policy Committees. Nominations must be received by June 11, 2007. Nomination forms and guidelines, along with the new policy committee appointment practices, are available in the ANSI Online Library.

Questions or comments regarding the policy changes or 2008 nomination process may be directed to Patricia A. Griffin, ANSI vice president and general counsel (212.642.4954;

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