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Voluntary Standards Cover the Spectrum: from Environmental and Facility Safety Signs to Medical Device Sterilization


In an effort to communicate the vital role that standards play in daily life, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) publishes snapshots of the diverse standards initiatives undertaken in the global and national standards arena, many of which are performed by ANSI members and ANSI-accredited standards developers. Two of the latest selections follow:

Medical Device Sterilization

While medical devices can help monitor conditions and aid in ongoing treatments, one key challenge is proper sterilization, which prevents bacterial buildup and infections, and protects patients and health care professionals alike.

The American National Standard (ANS)ANSI/AAMI/ST81:2004 (R2016),Sterilization of Medical Devices - Information to be Provided by the Manufacturer for the Processing of Resterilizable Medical Devices, specifies requirements for the information to be provided by a medical device manufacturer so that the medical device can be processed safely and will continue to meet its performance specification. Developed by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), the standard also includes definitions, a bibliography, and informative annexes.

AAMI, an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, is dedicated to enhancing the ability of healthcare technology professions, healthcare institutions, and industry to understand, develop, manage, and use medical instrumentation and related technologies safely and effectively.

Environmental and Facility Safety Signs

Hazardous environments—found within industries, commercial establishments, and other properties—can lead to injuries or even disastrous results, which is why standardized visual alerting systems are essential to have in place.

An ANS from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), ANSI/NEMA Z535.2-2011, Environmental and Facility Safety Signs, regulates requirements for the design, application, and use of safety signs in facilities and in the environment through consistent visual layout. The 2011 edition of the standard is revised to better harmonize with ANSI Z535.4, Product safety signs and labels, ANSI Z535.5, Safety tags and barricade tapes (for temporary hazards), and ANSI Z535.6, Product safety information in product manuals, instructions, and other collateral materials. Additionally, this standard is also available in the ANSI/NEMA Z535 SET.

NEMA is a member and accredited standards developer of ANSI. NEMA’s ANSI-accredited standards committee ASC Z535, Safety Signs and Colors, develops standards for the design, application, and use of signs, colors, and symbols intended to identify and warn against specific hazards and for other accident prevention purposes.


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