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U.S.-Led ISO Technical Committee Receives Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award for Excellence

New York, Oct 15, 2008

The U.S.-led International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committee that develops International Standards for earth-moving machinery was recently presented with the prestigious Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award. Granted annually at the ISO General Assembly, the award recognizes ISO technical committees and subcommittees for outstanding work in creative and innovative standards development.

ISO president Håkan Murby presented the honor to ISO Technical Committee (TC) 127, Earth-moving machinery, lauding their contributions to the industry. "The work of ISO/TC 127 has provided a core of state-of-the-art knowledge, based on international expertise, on which national standards and regulations have been able to draw,” said Mr. Murby. “Its standards have helped to cut design and manufacturing costs by harmonizing requirements worldwide and ultimately benefiting the customers for and users of earth-moving machinery."

As the official U.S. representative to ISO, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) holds the secretariat of ISO/TC 127. The committee is chaired by Dan Roley of Caterpillar; Sara Desautels, ANSI program manager of standards facilitation, serves as secretary.

ISO/TC 127 has developed 132 standards, many of which have been adopted as national standards or are referred to in regulations across the globe. The committee currently has more than 50 work items in its program, focusing on the ergonomic and safety aspects of earth-moving machinery. Members have strived to build on the participation of health and safety experts and testing laboratories in developing a set of International Standards that deliver technical support for health and safety regulations and for risk management programs.

The committee was also praised for their focus on adapting to the new technologies emerging within the industry, and facilitating the involvement and participation of developing countries. Through these efforts, the committee has a wide range of geographic participation in their work program, including 21 participating and 19 observing countries.

“As an international industry, we support the ISO Vision of one standard, one test, and one conformity assessment process accepted globally. To achieve this vision for earth-moving machines, ISO/TC 127 develops and maintains a complete set of ISO standards to address all safety risks and commercial needs for earth-moving machines,” said Mr. Roley. “An international team from ISO/TC 127 encourages and provides guidance for the use of the ISO/TC 127 standards as national standards and as the technical requirements for national and regional regulations.”

Mr. Murby commended ISO/TC 127 members for their dedication to continual improvement, which centers on refining project management processes and adapting best practices of other ISO committees to their own scope of work.

“On behalf of the participants in ISO/TC 127 for Earth-Moving Machines, we would like to thank ISO for the LDE award,” said Mr. Roley. “We also thank Sara Desautels and the ANSI staff for providing the secretariat support for ISO/TC 127, and Darrin Drollinger and AEM for nominating ISO/TC 127 for the award and for providing the financial support for the Secretariat of ISO/TC 127.”

The ISO Council established the Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award for Excellence in Creative and Innovative ISO/TC/SC Services and Initiatives in 2002, as a tribute to ISO’s late Secretary-General, who served from 1986 to 2002.

More information about the work of this technical committee can be found on the ISO/TC 127 webpage.

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