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Relaunch Date for ANSI Online Website Nears

Security Access Codes Distributed to Registered Users

New York, Dec 18, 2002

The latest milestone in preparation for the relaunch of the ANSI Online website was achieved today when Institute members and registered users of the new site were sent an e-mail communiqué informing them of their user identification code and password.

The new site, which will go "live" on Thursday, January 2, 2003, offers a new and improved design and navigational structure, as well as several enhanced features that will permit the Institute to better serve its members and constituents. The unique log-on ID and password for each user is tied to a comprehensive document management system that will provide greater security by ensuring only authorized users can view certain documents.

"Members and registered users[1] may access the new site at the same URL:," explained Ken Peabody, ANSI director of content management. "On the home page or at the bottom of any subsidiary page, simply click on "Member Sign-In" to input the above log-on and password."

Peabody also noted that the user ID and password are different from what members have been previously using. Upon their initial log-on, users will be asked to set a new password. This allows the individual to set a password that can be easily remembered and provides the greatest level of security. At this time, users will not have the ability to change their log-on ID.

"If, at any time, you forget your log-on or password, the system can provide this information to you automatically via e-mail," said Peabody. To access this feature, go to the "Member Sign-in page and simply click on "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions.

"This site is designed to enhance the 'user experience' with ANSI and to promote collaboration and communication of the membership," said Greg Fine, ANSI director of membership. "With this in mind, we strongly encourage our members and constituents to explore this site and provide us with feedback regarding their experience. Whether it is changes or possible enhancements, we would like to hear from everyone." Feedback may be provided to ANSI by following the links on the "Contact Us" page of the new site. Fine also indicated that extensive "Help" and "Frequently Asked Questions" pages had been developed to address common issues; a separate "Help" section is also provided via the document management application.

Questions about the log-on process may be directed to the ANSI Membership Team. Requests to include additional contacts from an ANSI member may also be directed to the membership team.

[1]"Members" are defined as the technical and financial contacts for any ANSI member company, organization, government agency, etc. "Registered Users" are defined as the member representatives (or observers with document access permission) to any ANSI committee with a document library on the new website. Each group's home page has a link to its associated document folder.

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