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2007–2008 Compliance Schedule Announced for ANSI-Accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Groups to ISO

New York, Jul 23, 2007

The Procedures and Standards Administration department of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today several important decisions regarding the 2007-2008 compliance schedule for ANSI-accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The ANSI ExSC has made the following decisions relating to U.S. TAG accreditation and compliance requirements for 2007-2008:

  • The 2007 edition of the ANSI International Procedures, which includes a revision to clause A7.6 Actions Requiring Approval by Two-Thirds of Those Voting, is available for reference and use here.
  • A 2007 Compliance Form applicable to ANSI-accredited U.S. TAGs to ISO will not be issued in 2007.
  • Instead, a 2008 edition of the ANSI International Procedures (presently subject to proposed revisions) and the 2008 ISO TAG Compliance Form will be issued by January 2, 2008.
  • Consistent with current reporting requirements, the 2007 TAG Annual Report is due no later than January 31, 2008. Clause Annual Reporting of the ANSI International Procedures requires submittal of an annual report, including meeting information, the current TAG membership list and other information as specified.
  • This schedule will allow ANSI-accredited U.S. TAGs to coordinate the routine submittal of the 2007 TAG Annual Report with the 2008 TAG Annual Compliance Form by January 31, 2008.

All U.S. TAGs to ISO must be accredited by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC). The procedures used to develop consensus of U.S. positions with regard to ISO standards must comply with the main text of the ANSI Procedures for the U.S. Participation in the International Standards Activities of ISO (ANSI International Procedures), as well as Annex B: Criteria for the Development and Coordination of U.S. Positions in the International Standardization Activities of the ISO and IEC.

An ANSI-accredited U.S. TAG and U.S. TAG Administrator may be also be accredited to use the model procedures contained in Annex A: Model Operating Procedures for U.S. TAGs to ANSI for ISO Activities, of the ANSI International Procedures, or an alternative set of accredited consensus procedures. Any revisions to the TAG’s ANSI-accredited procedures must be submitted in a timely manner to the ANSI ExSC for their review and approval.

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