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ANSI Publishes Revision to its Guide for U.S. Delegates to the IEC and ISO

Knowledgeable Delegates Key to Achieving U.S. Goals in International Arena

New York, Jul 02, 2002

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has announced the publication of the second edition of its Guide for U.S. Delegates to Meetings of the IEC and ISO. ANSI is the national member body to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), via the U.S. National Committee, and to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

"The United States believes that standards development is a global effort, focused on market needs and facilitated by full and open cooperation and collaboration among participants worldwide," Mark Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO, states in the introduction of the guide.

Effective representation in the international standards arena is critical to ensuring that the U.S. competes on a level playing field. U.S. delegates are key players in advocating national positions and policies. Delegates' effectiveness may well determine the success of U.S. standards developers and the industry sectors they serve in competing with other nations in the global marketplace. Ineffective representation in international standardization activities may result in standards that run counter to the best interests of U.S. industry, and that could have a serious impact on U.S. trade and economic growth.

The revisions to the Guide for Delegates bring the document up to date with current processes and procedures, both those of ANSI and of the IEC and ISO. The changes made reflect the 2001 revision of the IEC/ISO Directives and provide updated statistics that are useful in understanding international positions. The guide provides related information, for example, about regional standards organizations. It also sheds light on the role delegates play in implementing the U.S. National Standards Strategy, which calls for all organizations and individuals working in IEC and ISO to strive to achieve the best standards to support trade and commerce while protecting health, safety and the environment.

Recognizing the importance of cooperation and collaboration in achieving U.S. goals, the revised Guide for Delegates significantly expands coverage of issues addressing effective negotiation skills and interaction with other delegates as members of a global work team. Delegates must develop alliances with industry, national standards bodies and governments in other nations to advance U.S. principles, initiating change where needed.

"The information contained within this guide will prove its value repeatedly at IEC and ISO technical meetings by ensuring that ANSI delegates know and understand the rules governing standards development in IEC and ISO," explained Gary Kushnier, ANSI's vice-president of International Policy. "Knowledge is indeed power when the process of standards development is fully known and understood."

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